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A lot of us have spent so much time and energy on over-the-counter and medicated facial cleanser. We scrub, exfoliate, moisturize; wear clay masks, apply toners and astringent, and pop zits.

If you are like me, then all of this started as a pre-teen when acne was running wild and it was cool to start using beauty products and makeup.

I’m in my thirties and the question still remains:

Why do I still have crazy skin and what can I purchase and do to make it go away?

It seems like I have tried everything imaginable and nothing is making it any better.

I had a turning point after I was using a combination of facial exfoliation, medicated facial wash, charcoal mask and makeup: my face broke out unbelievably and my cheeks turned beet red and very sore.

That’s when I made the decision.

It’s time to do something drastically different.

Then, I stumbled upon the Caveman Regimen in skincare. It really doesn’t get any more simple:

  • Wash your face with water only
  • Or, don’t wash it at all

I opt for the washing my face with water only and a baby soft rag.

After only 3 weeks, my skin has totally cleared up and my oils have regulated. Also, my black and whiteheads came out on their own. I will admit: it was disgusting but so amazing at the same time. After the first week, I looked in the mirror and they all made their way to the surface. If I hadn’t been in such shock, I would have taken a picture because it was wild; gross, but awesome at the same time. I’ve been trying for years to get them all out: biore strips, exfoliation, mashing. Well, they are gone now and haven’t returned. I’m sold and lo and behold my body is doing what it is meant to do. All on it’s own.

Why make the switch?

  • Conventional facial cleansers have chemicals and medication that may simply be way too strong for your face. They also can be stripping you of natural oils causing you to dry out and break out
  • You have tried every product on the market all your life and nothing is working
  • You want to save money. Water only is free!
  • You want to simplify your beauty routine
  • You want clear skin
  • You want to trust your body. The body is a machine made to cleans, heal, and grow all on it’s own. It doesn’t need our help with products. It already knows what to do if we just let go and allow it to do what it’s designed to do.

It’s really not as scary or gross as it sounds. It’s actually very beautiful and skin is allowed to heal naturally – which, is what your body is trying to do in the first place before we take it upon ourselves to slather and scrub it raw.

What to expect after making the switch from conventional to caveman:

  • Few days of transition. My skin was very oily and felt weird for a few days. I wasn’t used to water only and I had the strong desire to go back to my products. But, I held strong and am so glad I did. After a few days (depending on the person), your skin will begin to regulate and you can continue water only washing until it becomes your new norm.
  • You will realize that you have been spending way too much time and money on facial cleansers. Haven’t you heard that companies know that you will have to keep coming back for more? You try it: skin dries out, you buy moisturizer. You break out: you buy acne cream. You use makeup to cover acne: cycle starts over and continues.
  • You simplify your routine. I spend my mornings meditating, working on blog posts, yoga, and sipping coffee instead of slathering makeup on top of makeup to conceal my blemishes. Now, I put a little organic CC cream on my face and do something else.
  • It becomes the norm. After a few weeks, you quit thinking about your face. You don’t reach for cleansers in the bathtub. Oils regulate and skin clears. Ah. So nice.

Am I going to continue with caveman skincare?

Without a doubt.

The results can’t be denied. I wanted:

  • Simplified beauty routine
  • To save money
  • Clear skin

I now have all three.

It’s healthier and my skin is happier. Much, much happier.

4 thoughts on “Caveman Skincare

  1. I’m almost there, I only wash my face with the bar soap in the shower at night, rinse with water in the morning. I have a question though, are you wearing makeup at all? If so, how do you remove it with just water? I would think some of it would still get trapped in your pores.


    1. Yay! Are you loving it so far? I only wear a little makeup on my face: Physician’s Formula Organic CC cream – here’s the link.

      Also, if I want a little bronzer I am using ground cinnamon and it’s amazing and works just like I would my old bronzer.

      I don’t know if you use natural makeup, but I’m getting into it now and it’s really helping my face clear up, unclog, and reducing redness.

      I was afraid that makeup wouldn’t wash off with only water too, but the CC cream is light and I haven’t had any issues at all yet. I remove my eye makeup with a little grapeseed oil on a cotton ball.

      Also, I use a baby wash rag -really soft & gentle- so it helps get off the makeup I think.

      Some people don’t rub at all and let their face peel and flake off and only rub it with a rag like, once a month.

      I just can’t do that.

      I will say that the first week that I started water only washing I did NOT wear any face makeup. But, I was looking too rough and exhausted for my liking. That first week with no makeup may have allowed my face to purge (ew!) to begin with.

      I just now started with the organic CC cream after I started the caveman regimen and it covers surprisingly well. I picked it up at WalMart 🙂

      Good luck with it and I hope it works out for you too!


    1. I know! Isn’t it awesome? Some people mix cornstarch, cocoa powder, and cinnamon together to get a better color. More or less of each ingredient depending on their skin type.

      I found that just straight-up ground cinnamon works great for my skin tone!

      Smells good too 🙂

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