Fewer Toys: Making Room for Kid’s Creativity

Letting Go, Minimalism, Simplicity


One of the main focuses on my journey to minimalism is the amount of possessions I have. I want to remove the unnecessary so that I can focus on what truly matters.

Housework is one thing that takes up so much of our time. It never ends. Stuff piles up. We procrastinate. The easiest thing we can do to invite peace into our home and enjoy less housework is to pare down possessions. Every item we buy, own, and store owns us. We have to maintain, clean around, find a place for, move around; the more things we have in our house, the more we have to do.

A major area in my home is kid’s toys. I’m talking about the kids have a million toys. It’s out of control. The children can’t even enjoy playing with them because there are so many options. It’s like they give up because there is so much stuff surrounding them they don’t even know where to start. My children enjoy a clean slate with enough options to entertain and have room to express their creativity.

I’ve been decreasing the amount of toys for my daughter. I took a whole layer of toys away from her toy box, and bless it, she was so excited to be able to see all the toys at the bottom. It was like Christmas morning. I kept out all of her favs and left a few new ones. She doesn’t know any different, and I have less mess to clean up. Win-win.

I actually googled ‘how many toys does a child need’ and ran across a beautiful article about this very topic by BecomingMinimalist. I love when she said I’m not anti-toy, I’m pro-child.

I don’t have a set number of toys I want her to have, I just want her have space to be her beautiful, funny, creative little self. She can’t do that with so much overwhelming clutter, just as I can’t keep up a peaceful home and mind with my stuff everywhere.

I need open spaces. I need less. I will get there.

2 thoughts on “Fewer Toys: Making Room for Kid’s Creativity

  1. I can’t tell you enough how much I loved this post. You are so right. I, too, am minimizing my son’s toys. All he needs is a wooden spoon, a ball, and a book. This is part of the reason we did not give him a first birthday party… We didn’t want toy overload!! I’m so grateful for Moms like you who remind me that I’m not alone in raising kids with more simple joys. Loved reading this!!


    1. So happy you enjoyed and are a mom placing value on creativity and space instead of mounds of toys! The toy overload can be intense, can’t it?! 🙂 I think with focused intention and care, we can keep these kiddos happy, creative and satisfied with a more simple life!

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