How to Pack Light for Less Stressful Travels

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Sometimes traveling and packing can seem overwhelming. There is washing clothes, cleaning house, buying products to take, making sure everyone in the fam has what they need, considering the weather and an outfit to match each and every possible scenario. Just thinking about it is enough to cause a stress-out.

Over time, I have tried to minimize the way I pack for getaways and I have recently came up with a philosophy that works perfectly when I have a hard time deciding what to do.

It’s the Half Philosophy.

Whether it be laundry, packing, grocery shopping, my closet, what I purchase, or what I think about…I just cut it back to half to bring in some equilibrium and free up some space.

Why packing light invites peace and freedom during travels:

  • Less to lug around
  • Freedom to spend time at the destination instead of worrying about stuff
  • Fewer thoughts put into wardrobe choices
  • Less stuff to unpack and wash when returning home

All four of those bullets is enough for me to pack lighter. I have learned plenty of stressful lessons in the past. Traveling becomes less daunting when you realize you don’t need as much to bring with you while away.

How to apply the half philosophy and pack less:

  • Pack as you normally would starting out (if you are a first-timer). You will learn to pack less and less each trip in the future if you apply this as the norm
  • Let it sit in your suitcase and extra bags for a day or even a few hours
  • Come back to it with a fresh eye before your leave
  • Analyze your items: think about the weather, where you are planning on going, which events are a must
  • Unpack half, leaving only the necessities

My recent pack in photos:

unnamedI started out thoughtfully believing that I had packed just what I needed. It wasn’t overbearing and was fairly light to begin with. I let it sit for a day.

When I came back to it and began moving my stuff around I realized that it was entirely too much for the lax weekend getaway that I would be traveling.

I unpacked half leaving a few causal, comfy outfits and only one extra pair of shoes (besides the ones I would be wearing). Everything was versatile, mix and match, and comfy.

Then, I switched over to a smaller duffle shoulder bag, rolled up my outfits, and was ready to go!

But, did you have enough while you were away?

Yes. I had plenty. I was comfy, cute, and went about my business as usual. I even had an outfit that I didn’t even wear and swimsuit that didn’t get used.

When I returned home, I dumped my dirty clothes directly into the washing machine, barely taking up a load and put away my clean clothes.

I was unpacked and had laundry clean within an hour of returning home.

When we analyze our necessities, take what we need an discard the rest, we can enjoy our time in the present without stressing over all our ‘stuff’ and ‘work’ required in taking care of our stuff.


Moving on From Mistakes

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In our busy, chaotic lives we sometimes forget to pay attention to the lesson in our mistakes. We are inherently reactionary to our to-do lists, family, kids, jobs…life. When we get to the point when we are so overwhelmed, we make mistakes. Our clear-thinking self disappears. Life become autopilot. Living with the aftermath of our past mistakes simply becomes the norm.

Some may think that we have to live and thrive in our mistakes, but I say we are afraid to own up to them, practice change, focus on the present, and become our best self.

We are afraid that…

  • we are out of control of our choices
  • we have to much to do to follow our heart
  • we can’t beat addiction
  • we are stuck in our ‘ways’
  • we can’t be better

This is bologna! Our minds constantly cloud us with negativity and criticism. So much so that we actual believe it.

It’s true. We all have made mistakes, after all we are human. The point is in the lesson in how we react to our mistakes and if we move forward in a positive way.

How to let go and learn from mistakes

Own up to it: You made a mistake. You are in debt. You are addicted. You are not happy with your situation and lifestyle. Well, that was yesterday. Each day we are given the gift of a clean slate. You actually do have a choice in what you do with your life today. Get busy acknowledging what happened and get serious about letting it go and starting over each and every day.

Create a passion statementIt’s so important to know your heart. What are your passions and musts in life. Not what you wish you could be – who are you? Who are you right this instant. You are compassionate, eager, skillful, useful, and beautiful. When you create a passion statement of your priorities you can better hone in and focus on what you want out of life.

Meditate: Sit in quiet with your thoughts hippily. It’s not as wacko as it sounds. Sit still and breathe. You won’t stop your thoughts at first. Just acknowledge them without getting sucked into the drama. See them for what it is. It’s chatter; not truth. Watch them float away into the sky, letting go. Be gentle with yourself. Breathe deeply. Do this until you are finished or until you fall asleep. The more you practice the better it is to control the negative thoughts.

Focus on your heart: This is where I missed the mark so many times. I do things so as to not disappoint people. I totally deplete myself trying to take care of everyone else. There is a time and place for that but it is vital to take care of yourself. Listen to your heart. Are you living the life you are supposed to? Or have you gotten so caught up in the mess that you have forgotten who you are? It’s time to get that happy person back. You and everyone else in your life deserves you. The real you.

Forgive yourself: Let go of the guilt that you are carrying from your mistakes. If it was a harsh word, an angry look, going in debt, feeling like you aren’t measuring up to others…let. it. go. The guilt being carried is as heavy as the mistake itself. Ask for forgiveness. Get a game plan to get out of debt. Focus on you. Do something nice for others. Eat a home cooked meal. Get extra sleep. Change up your routine. You are only human and you have lots to offer. Don’t lose that feeling sorry for yourself, worrying, or feeling guilty.

There are many other ways to move on but take the gentle approach. Take care of yourself for once. Do something fun. Let go. Rest.

I know that I have carried guilt and the feeling of not measuring up for long enough. It is another reason I am on a hippy, carefree, simplified journey. It’s time to be light. It’s time to give back. It’s time to be authentic and celebrate the here in now. Life is way to short.

Create Passion Statements

Clarity, Passion Statements

Mission statements are not just for businesses. Creating a mission statement for yourself is a great way to gain clarity, focus, and help you make easier decisions based on your values and heart. Simply put, it will help you connect with your authentic purpose and the awesomness that comes from fulfilling it. When you can define your core values and beliefs, it will allow you a better guide to make choices that align with your true hippy self.

Let me insert: I prefer to call them passion statements!

For so many years I felt like I had to have a cut and dry outlook and goal plan to be successful. I had to go through the motions and drag myself through the day on autopilot.

Then, I got sick, tired and exhausted. My anxiety attacks were through the roof and I was completely in overwhelm. That’s when I knew things had to change and that I had to start living from my heart.

My passion statements

  • My work must fuel me: It must fuel my brain and body where stress and worry can not get in the way. It must allow me creative energy and enough freedom to live my passions.
  • My work must allow me to help other people: I must be allowed a helpful spirit. I must feel inspired and mentally and physically strong to be my best self.
  • My work must make room for clarity: I must have room for work and then enough space to be me.
  • My work environment must be positive: Negative vibes make a negative hippy and that is no fun.

Passion statements aren’t excuses: they are musts.

We know that life has curve balls and no situation is perfect, but there are just some things that the soul needs that are undeniable. If you deny your soul what it craves, that’s no life at all.

I don’t have it all figured out or a hard set of missions and rules. I gave that up a long time ago. My passion statements are proof that I don’t need all that to be successful. All I need is space, freedom, positive vibes, meditation, and room to breathe to do my most meaningful work.

Once you have created your passion statement don’t settle for less. If you do, you risk chipping away at your heart. It’s important to work in alliance with your passions to do your most meaningful work and to be your best self.

A No ‘Poo Journey: 2 Week Update

Natural Beauty, No 'Poo / Lo 'Poo, Simplicity

Have you heard about the no’ poo movement? This is where you give up chemically-filled shampoos, conditioners, and hair products and do a natural approach.

Creams, potions, products, brushes, dyes, elements; it all takes it’s toll on our hair after a while. Forever I have said that I wish I could just scrunch my hair and go instead of spending at least an hour getting primped in the mornings. It was cute when I was young to spend this kind of time, but now that I’ve done it for so long, it’s just played out.

7 hours. Seven hours a week I have spent on my hair and makeup. That’s a full day’s work or an entire night’s sleep I have missed out on trying to get my crispy-fried, damaged, flat, wavy hair straight, full-bodied and presentable. The tragic truth is that it still doesn’t work. I am unsatisfied with the result and have damaged my hair so badly that it probably needs to be shaved bald and start over.

Since nothing has worked, no ‘poo sounds like it is worth a try to bring out my natural, healthy hair.

Why no’ poo?

  • Less time wasted in the mornings
  • Simple, easy and carefree
  • No harsh chemicals ruining my hair
  • Super cheap
  • Natural, easy, no fuss

These are things I want so badly in my hair routine.

For the last 2.5 weeks I have switched from traditional shampoo & conditioner to water only, honey ‘poo {diluted raw honey} , and Burt’s Bees products. I’ve given up the hair dryer, curling iron, and straightener (except once!).

But my hair is so oily and nasty, I HAVE TO shampoo every day, you say.

I was saying that too. What I have already discovered is that’s simply not true. Take it from me. I was a twice a day shampooer, blow drier, straighter, hair teaser, product gunker as well.

Traditional shampoos strip the hair of natural oils leaving it dry and brittle. Conditioner and hair treatments are used to put moisture back into the hair. The scalp then over produces oils to compensate.

Take all that away and it’s not necessary once you let your body do it’s job.

Less truly is more!

There is a gruesome transition period:

Pretty much everyone will go through a transition period when switching to natural products or no poo. We have tricked our scalps and depleted it so badly. It takes a little creativity to make it through the transition period, but the results are amazing.

My hair has it’s own personality and has done some crazy things during the transition. It’s been oily, crazy, full-bodied, limp, dry, hydrated: you name it. I’ve been embarrassed, self conscious, and free all at the same time.

But, it’s starting to actually work.


2I’ve been documenting the transition above. There are so many different ways to no/lo poo. I have not gotten an exact routine yet but am trying some things out.

My routine so far:

  • Rinse hair with water only every day
  • Air dry
  • Sleep with it up in a loose bun
  • Wash hair with Burt’s Bee’s Shampoo once or twice a week with a raw honey rinse
  • Brush hair with a boar bristle brush before washing {didn’t use it at first, but am obsessed now! This literally saved my dry, frizzy issue}
  • Embrace my natural hair

It feel so good to let go of the mask I’ve been wearing with my hair. I can finally just let it be and go about my business without fear of what others think. It’s not easy, but I am determined to continue. The results are so awesome.

Is your current hair routine just not working like you want?

Do you have dry, brittle, flat hair? Have you tried everything imaginable? Are you tired of spending so much time, money, and effort worrying about your hair?

That’s where I was and the reason I am switching to natural.

Want to try it?

Just DO IT! Take the first step. It’s not as scary as it sounds. Plus, your hair might just surprise you like it has me!

There are tons of recipes online that you can find and a bazillion different ways to do this. Don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t work the first time. This is a process and everyone’s hair is different. You will find your way, I promise.

More updates to follow on my journey to natural hair. I’m so excited about this process. I just can’t imagine ever going back now!

The Reason for a Simple, Hippyish Life

Gentle Change

Have you just woken up and realized that your life is insanely busy and out of control?

Perhaps it seems like you lost yourself along the way and your heart and soul is yearning for something else. Life has a way of building up slowly overtime with commitments, obligations, responsibility, and bills.

The reality may seem like it happened overnight, but truth is: it builds up slowly over the months and years.

Remember when life started out it was carefree and you were full of hopes and dreams? You were told you could do and be whoever you wanted to be.

But then, somewhere along the way you jumped into auto-pilot. You thought you had to be a ‘grown up’ and that meant getting into debt, getting married, having kids, buying a house, and living above your means.

So, you took a job you didn’t love to pay off the debt you have from buying stuff you didn’t need to pacify the critical need to be happy again.

You have thoughts buzzing around now…

  • What would I do if I didn’t have all these bills?
  • Would I be happy if I could wake up in the morning and be excited about the day?
  • How would my relationships be if I were relaxed and spent time with my loved ones?
  • What if I wasn’t so busy and overwhelmed?
  • How would my life change if I didn’t feel so guilty about my situation?
  • Do I need all this stuff to be happy and free?
  • Who am I and what do I want?

Sound familiar? I know these questions inside and out, because I am just like you. I am on a journey into simplicity: learning to live naturally, reverse my poor choices, get my life in order, and relax.

My reason for change

Everyone has a story and we may not have identical situations, but I am sure there are some similarities. I have been tossing these questions above around and around in my brain for many years now. I tried shopping and buying stuff to fill the void of unhappiness. I have been working in jobs that I don’t love to pay off my debt that started innocently as student loans at the mere age of 18. I have been afraid to make changes in my life because I am living the way society expects me to: to work 40 hours a week for someone else, stay busy, buy a house, cars, clothes, and shop for fun because that’s what everyone else does and you are a grown-up. I have been running myself ragged for years being unfocused, skimping by, trying to keep up, staying sick, and having full-blown anxiety attacks regularly. Last year, I knew that I had to change. My relationships struggled, my bank account is empty, and I am staying sick. It is vital for my well-being to get my life under control and live the life I was really meant to live regardless of what society thinks I should be doing.

Society’s rules doesn’t match my heart…

Everyone else tells us that there is a straight line you must follow to get anywhere in life. School, college, dreadful job, debt, house, car, stuff, marriage, and kids.

I have all those things and for that I am truly grateful. However, after dissecting and living with all the obligations I have now, my auto-pilot life is stealing my soul.

The transformation from getting by to living a full, whole-hearted, life full of enjoyment, health, and happiness doesn’t happen overnight. Even though I have tossed the ideas around about living more naturally and simply for years, I am finally taking the plunge.

It’s beginning to pay off bigtime. The results and peace that are finally showing up is undeniable. This is how I know I may be onto something major.

Why take a simply, hippyish path?

You’ve tried the fast track. You’ve done the quick-fixes. Intense, fast change is not the way our hearts respond to. We need time and attention with focus to adapt and to find lasting habits and good choices that stick.

We have tried all the magic before. It’s time to slow down, focus, and get serious about our life and health.

Dream about life with things like:

  • Peace
  • Joy
  • Energy
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Excitement
  • Relaxation

If these are the things you want more of in your life, it’s time to realize that your chaotic and unhealthy lifestyle just isn’t working and it’s time to try something else.

Is this you?

Then you are just like me:

We want ease, simplicity, healthy, joy, and passion. This is what we’ve wanted all along but we missed it by living the fast track.

It’s time to reclaim life. The time is now.

Welcome to Hippyish. Here I will share my journey into simplicity by taking a more peaceful, easy, relaxing and gentle approach to life.