Give Up What Disturbs Peace: Wall Art

De-Cluttering, Simplicity


Yesterday was a major – and I mean MAJOR – decluttering day for me. It felt amazing, but left me exhausted.

I am on an intense mission to get rid of the bad energy in my life, no matter what that energy may be. It’s a task, I tell you.

Short of saging every nook in my home to clear the suffocating vibes, I went on a ‘getting rid of clutter’ spree.

The task at hand was wall art.

This doesn’t sound like a mountain to climb, but it was like Mt. Everest. I took two car loads to the donation drop-off. TWO CAR LOADS of wall art.

How is that even possible to have 2 car loads of wall art? I don’t know. But it is.

My living space is small and the dark, cluttered walls keep feeling like they are closing in on me. Not to mention a lot of the art was over-sized picture frames that I re-did as a Pinterest project. But, they never felt right. I always felt like I was falling short and all those frames have been a daily reminder. I mean, not lumponthefloor feeling like a failure…just stagnant energy.

So, it was easy to decide what to keep. I was only going to keep what I love and my mission was to have pieces that compliment my room and the energy I want to feel when I walk in there.

My living room started out with 17 pieces of art/pictures/mirrors. Now I have 6. Six carefully selected pieces.

My bathroom had 8 pieces of art, now it has 2 selected pieces.

My daughters room had 8 pieces, now it has 2.

It feels so amazing to have so much clutter off my walls. And what is sad is that it took 2 full car trips to the donation bin. Imagine moving that to a new location. That is only for art. Whew.

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