T-Shirts: There’s 7 Days in a Week

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There are seven days in a week.

That fact is not going to change, so it makes me question why I have 14+ t-shirts in my closet. That would mean that I have to wear two or more t-shirts a day per week to wear them all. That really doesn’t make any sense considering I only wear a t-shirt right before bed and maybe on the weekend.

This discovery lets me know that I simply have too many t-shirts in my life.

So, it’s time to break-up.

Half of them are now gone and my closet thanks me.

What do you keep that doesn’t make any sense?

6 thoughts on “T-Shirts: There’s 7 Days in a Week

  1. I have a lot of knickers … some are specifically for work and some are specifically for active times. I know I have too many and this is on my list for the next decluttering round ! Yeah !

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    1. Me too! I have got to re-think the amount of some of my things. It’s like…I want to keep them ALL sometimes. But really, I don’t get the best use of my favorites! After decluttering my t-shirts…I have still YET to wear them all. Crazy!

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