De-Cluttering: Jewelry

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Getting real about our clutter isn’t always easy. Sometimes our belongings have sat around unused so long that we don’t even realize it’s there.

I do things differently now when de-cluttering.

The answer is really simple:

I’m getting real about what I actually use regularly.

This allows me to get rid of the mightusesomeday or ikindasortalikeit dilemmas.

Above is a pic of my current jewelry after a massive de-clutter. What you see are the pieces I actually have worn in the last year.

That’s all that made the cut. Everything else was donated.

There is no humongous box housing unwanted pieces, there is no massive wall display like I used to have showing off jewelry that was never worn. This is it.

And it works perfectly now, a few of my favorite earrings and 2 necklaces.

I can find everything so easy instead of digging through the clutter.

When we remove the excess and the unwanted or unused items, we can truly see the value in our favorite things. All the sudden, their beauty and worth begins to shine as all the noise is removed.

4 thoughts on “De-Cluttering: Jewelry

  1. I recently donated a lot of my jewelry too, it is great to actually be able to see all of my jewelry at a glance and be able to grab the one I want to wear for the day. No more giant jewelry boxes for me 🙂

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  2. I so relate to what you describe : forgetting we have all of this stuff already… the better example of that is my office space ( that is scattered all over the lounge room since I don’t have a study ). I put stuff in draws and then go back and buy some more because I forgot I already had all I needed… I love the way you talk about the jewelry ! Very inspiring ! Hugs to you !

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