Traveling Light; Suitcase Solution

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My de-cluttering journey has really been incredible this time around. Of course, I’ve attempted to minimize a million times in the past and always ended up right back where I started.

This time is different because:

1. I am intentional about my process. I’ve outlined the true reasons for my de-cluttering journey and committed to making it stick.

2. I am focused. I’ve removed a lot of distractions so I can dig deep into my heart and change my behaviors. No more Facebook, society chatter, or mindless shopping for fun.

3.ย I have defined MY definition of success. Success for me is following my heart, not what society tell me I have to do to be successful. Not surprising: my definition of success is a complete 180 from what society is telling us to do.

So, these three things have made me take a long hard look at my stuff.

I’m constantly still weeding out my unnecessary items and one of the newest things to go is my massive suitcase.

For one, I travel light now. Perhaps it’s that I’ve traveled enough to know that I never need everything that I usually pack. Not to mention there is a freakin’ WalMart on every corner if I so happen to forget something.

The suitcase that is now dropped off at the local charity is humongous. It comes up to my chest! It had to be stored on a ledge going down to my basement it was so big.

I will never, ever need to make that much stuff because:

a) I don’t want to be weighed down when traveling

b) It’s simply not necessary

It was time for this item to go so that I will not be tempted to feel like Iย have to stuff this sucker full on my next get-away trip.

I will continue to travel light and free up space in my home.

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