Retiring @ 35


This couple retired when they were 35. My favorite part of the whole article was Paul’s quote:

“Our game plan is: When our bodies break down, we’ll deal with it.”

The freedom in that quote gives me all kinds of feel-good inspiration.

Thirty-five is sneaking up on me, so I don’t think I’ll be retiring by then. However, wouldn’t that be blissful? To let go of our worldly acquiring and have the freedom to do valuable work, enjoy the world, and spend our time where we want?

Of course, for some they do live this way. For others, they don’t.

Including myself. I have been a slave to society expectations, debt, and pretty much stuck to having to work to pay off all that I have acquired for the last thirty years.

Now, in this decade, I am de-quiring.

Kind of ironic to say the least.

But I am learning, growing, and changing.

Maybe one day I can live freely, lightly, and in peace.

2 thoughts on “Retiring @ 35

  1. Reblogged this on No diet forever lifestyle and commented:
    Yes you can and you will. It is already done and just waiting to manifest ! 🌺❤️ loved the topic you brought up as I am not planning to retire ever… Life is just too exciting. Instead I would like to create a life for myself that includes doing daily what makes me thrive and make a living of my passions. I can “work” for hours on a few things and not even notice. It does not feel like working, it is fulfilling, empowering and exhilarating… Thanks for this post 🙏🙏🙏


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