Facebook Be Like…

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You know, I’ve deactivated my Facebook. It’s been almost a month and I don’t miss it. I do not plan on re-activating it anytime soon because:

Facebook Be Like… back in the day bringing all your photo albums and scrapbooks to your highschool and letting the entire student body look through them.

Ew. I would have never done that back then before Facebook was a thing. Why should I do that now?

I know the high school aged kids these days grew up with Facebook; but I didn’t. I actually remember the days when my private moments were private, or I could pick and choose easily who knew my life story.

I mean, that was a long time ago – but not that long. It was a simpler time with disposable cameras, landlines, and outside activities. It was a time when you worked for what you earned; everyone didn’t get a participation ribbon just for being there (hint: real life isn’t that way even today). It was the days of face-to-face contact and telephone conversations. I genuinely miss those days.

I’m not so sure I ever want to continue making my personal life available to everyone on my Facebook anymore. I want to grow my friendships offline like I used to- like we all used to.

While I am all about technology in moderation, I still must ask myself: why am I doing this? Why am I involved? What am I trying to gain or lose?

It’s all part of the process. Until then, social media off-grid I will be. The ones who are close know how to reach me; and the one’s who don’t? Well, they should be out of my business anyway.

7 thoughts on “Facebook Be Like…

  1. I have a small treasure chest at home that contains all of the hand-written letters, postcards and greeting cards I ever received during my childhood. Those are my most precious possessions till date. It’s a pity nobody ever sends letters anymore because I would love them. My family is scattered all over the world and I live continents apart from them all so it is easier to Skype or message on Facebook. However, I still believe life was definitely better without social media.

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    1. Yes, absolutely…time has changed! And Facebook & social media have given us a lot of advantage keeping up with people for sure! I miss the handwritten; face-to-face days as well.


  2. I’m kind of in the same place you are. I read an article the other day about how how the twenty-something generation (which I belong to) has been through such radical changes during its most formative years, so I guess it’s the last generation that can remember a simpler time–and thus still long for it. And I really do! Despite the addictive nature of knowing everyone’s business always, it’s really not satisfying and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life like that!! This is an awesome step to take.


    1. Agreed, girl! When I tell people I’ve deactivated my FB they look at me like I have just lost my mind. I’m like, don’t you member when we didn’t have FB and we all survived? LOL! The whole “did you see what so-and-so put on FB????!” questions have now stopped since my closest people know I’m not active. And, it’s nice…and I don’t miss it because truly I could care less about what so-and-so is doing anymore 🙂


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