Why I Wear The Same Thing Every Day

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I open my WordPress Reader and got a dose of inspiration this morning while sipping my coffee at the office. I love when this happens!

The post was:

Why I Wear The Same Thing Every Day.

In essence, it explains how a lot of super-successful people wear a work uniform for simplicity so they can focus on their work and passions without worrying about clothing.

I’ve been obsessed with my capsule this summer, so much so that I post about it a good bit.

But, after thinking: hey, I should just have a work uniform from my capsule for consistency and then a weekend capsule for the weekends.

So, since I already had pictures from my current capsule, all I had to do was split it up into two categories:

1. Work

2. Weekend

Recently Updated5

And I’m pretty pleased with the split. By the looks of the capsules, I may can actually narrow down what I have currently in my closet to match this exactly.

That would be perfect.

Have you ever thought about a work uniform, too? I’m excited to split up the capsule and see how it goes over the next week.

7 thoughts on “Why I Wear The Same Thing Every Day

  1. My dad did that with his suits when I was a kid. He had a suit for each day of the work week except for Friday when he wore a sport coat. We just had to look at him at breakfast to know what day it was. The only variation was if there was an important meeting. Then the 3 piece suit came out. 🙂


  2. I recently went to a monochrome black wardrobe . I have 4 shirts then rotate one of them to Friday each week with jeans. I love it! I wear my pearl stud earrings every day. The ritual becomes endearing. Have fun!

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    1. You sure can, Danielle! I’m rocking a black shirt and dark jeans today from my new ‘work uniform’ so far so good! Getting ready was a breeze. Hopefully this will stick this time! And good luck finding your jive! You got this!

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