Facebook Creepin’


Man. I know it may come across that I am a complete Facebook Hater, but I’m not. Or, am I? I really don’t know.

What I do know is that this incident really happened yesterday:

I saw a guy at Publix getting out of his car beside me. He has NO idea that I even exist. What’s super creepy is that I know his name. I know where he works. I know that he has a little baby girl, and that he is married to a girl I knew in highschool, yet haven’t seen or spoken to her in over 10 years. No, I have never stalked this person or met him but I know all of these details from (the girl/his wife) on Facebook.

Should I emphasize again the main point here?

He has no idea who in the world I am!

That was really creepy.

And makes me wonder how many people that I’ve never met who know those kind of details about me.


So, yes. My Facebook is still deactivated.

6 thoughts on “Facebook Creepin’

  1. Wow. Good point. I’m still on fb however only to keep in touch with family and some nice folks. I set my privacy settings a long time ago. People can’t find me or see who my friends are and my info is not filled in either. I have ‘unfollowed’ any and every whiner and negative person :), so my newsfeed is actually nice to read in the morning now.

    However, I think it will soon become something of the past. Other media realms are a little more fun, intriguing and creative. I doubt I will be on fb often. It’s getting to be known as “the place moms, dads and grandparents go to”, and not exactly up to date like some othere social media sites…

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  2. I deleted my facebook once. Then started a new one a few months later. It was a nice experiment I guess. I use it better now. Good communication tool. And knowing how to tailor your feed so you see only good stuff without junk helps.

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