My Definition of Minimalism

Minimalism, Minimalist

I’ve never been one for dreamboards or inspiring collages. However, I have found that attaching some visual to how I want to live and feel very helpful in a journey toward change. It seems that when I meditate on the person I am at heart and the desires I have for my life; I need some type of aspiration to view. This helps me remain focused on what I am doing and stay on track.

Since I’ve had many ups and downs through life (as we all have), it’s easy to become accustomed to whatever track we are on and get complacent. We may start asking ourselves if we are even getting anywhere and if what we are doing even matters.

The fact is it does matter, and it matters a whole lot.

I call this my minimalistic journey and there are so many definitions that people add to the term to try to define it. I’ve even thought about my own definition and I really can’t put it into words.

But I can put it into a picture.


Minimalism to me is:


  • It’s using from nature what I need and nothing more.
  • It’s valuing relationships over things.
  • It’s living authentic and light.
  • It’s making choices with clarity and purpose.
  • It’s enjoying the gift of life.
  • It’s choosing peace over stress and busyness.
  • It’s contentment.

This journey is more than rules and limitations, because there really are no rules; only choices.

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