Don’t Cling: Let it Go

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We all have so much that we have acquired: people, possessions, experiences, memories – and sometimes we feel like we own it all. Once we have it, it’s ours and we are responsible for it forever.

Perhaps it is our ancient, primal survival tactic of hoarding, hunting, and gathering, or maybe it’s just that it’s hard to let go sometimes.

It is hard, but for us to grow we need to understand that we must let go of yesterday.

We have permission to move on, learn, release, and grow.

We only have so much energy so we better not cling to everything. We must choose where our time, focus, and energy go wisely because we certainly can’t do it all.

Today, I will not cling to negative energy, drama, excuses, or mind games. My emotional well-being is on a pedestal as far as I’m concerned. I will choose not to be involved. My energy is saved for more important matters such as

love, relaxation and fun.

And it’s true: we can’t lose what we don’t cling to. Cling to the important, unmovable things that are seen and unseen. Let all that doesn’t truly matter go into the breeze.

Tell it thank you. That it served it’s purpose and it’s time to let go. Then move on.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Cling: Let it Go

  1. “We must let go of yesterday,” I agree. “We have permission to move on, learn, release, grow,” I agree. “We must choose . . . we certainly can’t do it all,” I agree. My “emotion wellbeing” is obviously important.

    I must part company at the words, “I will choose not to be involved.” About this, I may be wrong; I try not to judge. I simply have to distance myself from “not be involved.”

    Personally, I could not say that “relaxation and fun,” are among the most important things in life; however, relaxation and probably fun are necessary for human health over the long term. Love, I agree, is important, possibly the most important.

    Overall, I think you are expressing an important insight here. We can hold sand lightly in our open hands; when we try to grab hold of the sand by closing our hand into a fist, the sand runs out between our fingers.

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    1. Yes, absolutely! There is quite the recipe in overall health and well-being for all! Everyone is different, striving to find that magical potion – but most of all learning to ride the waves of life, adjust, grow and LOVE πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. Yeah ! Spot on ! Received this today about not letting go : what we hang on to is already dead and empty and that is another reason to let go now… Because eventually we will realise this πŸ˜•… Thanks for the inspiration !!! Love your posts !!! β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸŒΊ

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  3. Thank you, Hippyish, for being gracious in your response. I was too harsh and critical in my first comment on this post, “Don’t Cling: Let It Go.” I sounded judgmental, even though I was trying hard not to. You are kinder than I deserved. (No, check that; kindness is appropriate in all situations. If there is one thing we have too little of in this world, it is kindness. You set a good example.) Thank you for being unfailingly kind.

    Those of us who dare to speak or write about hard-to-pin-down subjects, such as spirituality and life and humanity, always risk being misunderstood or ridiculed. Words often seem inadequate to the insights we wish to express. My own words sound harsh to my ears! When others speak deep and personal thoughts, I should remember to listen well, and say little or nothing. What the world needs is more listening and less talking, at least from me. Note to myself: WAG MORE, BARK LESS, NEVER GROWL.

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    1. I like that note and I should follow that myself. It is true, that we gain more from listening but it’s SO hard sometimes! And yes, putting our thoughts into words for the world to read absolutely opens up the door for opinions (and I certainly have MANY of my own lol!). That’s one thing that I am loving about blogging and meeting new people is that it does make me think and be more open to all types of points of view. Everyone’s thoughts and opinions make for a very interesting life even if we all agree to disagree πŸ™‚ ha! I appreciate your readership and comments – no harm done or taken!


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