Home is Where Your Soul Lives

De-Cluttering, Minimalism


Pinterest has been the death of me. When it first launched I pinned no less than 9 billion pins on how I could re-do my living space. After so many attempts of DIY, failed crafts, and thousands of dollars – I gave up.

Sometimes giving up is the absolute best things we can do for our health and sanity; whether it’s bad habits, home decor, or trying to be someone we’re really not.

I’m no longer ashamed of giving up. As a matter of fact, I am proud to give up things that no longer serve me. There was a time that wasn’t the case at all. Loyal to a fault. But no more.

One of the things that de-cluttering my living space has taught me, is that it is vital for me to have my home cater to my needs and desires. Home is supposed to be a place of peace, creativity, and growth.

No matter how much we collect, or how much we obsess over the perfect ‘look’ what we are really trying to get is our desired feelings and a feeling is not a knickknack.

So, last week I decided to transform the dining room.

My family doesn’t dine at the dining room table: we eat in the living room making messes and hanging out. It works and that’s the way we like it. I don’t suspect we will start eating in the dining room surrounded by awkward conversations and manners; and I’m totally cool with that.

Instead, it’s now a place for me to practice my yoga. It’s a place for the girls to create, draw, and flip. My husband can use this area for his hobbies as well. It’s now deemed a fun-zone, instead of an everyone stay out of this little area for no good reason zone. Because, that doesn’t serve anyone.

Before, the table just sat there lonely. It was a catch-all for ebay sales, dirty clothes, and clutter:


Then I moved some things around and just took away the fake notion that this was an eating space, when it really wasn’t.

It’s not fancy, Pinterest worthy, or expensive. It’s really not much different at all. But what’s changed is that it is inviting my family to just be in this little nook. It can be messy, quiet, creative, or left alone. It doesn’t matter, actually. What matters is that it isn’t off limits.


My home is not a place that is off limits. It is  a place where our souls can mend, heal, and grow. Each space is an open invitation to live. All family members are different and we all mesh and clash in a messy beauty.

And when it gets too messy, we will clean it up – or maybe we won’t.

The thing is, striving for perfection isn’t happening anytime soon. What is happening is this moment, right now, the present: all day long, every day.

That’s where I want to live. That’s where I want my family to live. Everything else is unnecessary.

Our home is where our soul lives. It’s inside of us and we carry it every where we go. No amount of control, cleaning, scrubbing, or staging can change that. It’s time to get dirty, explore, and grow. It’s time to actually serve and live.

4 thoughts on “Home is Where Your Soul Lives

  1. Yes! It’s a joke amongst family members about how often I rearrange rooms/furniture- but as the kids age and interests change, the flow of the house does to! I’m glad you gained extra space to do the things that are important to your family 😃

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  2. I did the same thing with pinterest. When I fist made my account I would spend literally hours saving things I might do. Then one day I realized I never even looked at my pins again so I definitely wasn’t going to be doing them. So I just quit going to Pinterest cold turkey. It does make me feel better though.

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