No ‘Poo Update: 2 Things Before You Start

Natural Beauty, No 'Poo / Lo 'Poo


That picture above was a test!

I wanted to make sure that your life wasn’t totally disrupted, that it gave you a complete meltdown, or that if I posted it: the world would crumble around me. I am willing to bet, not one of those happened and by the looks out the window – it’s a clear blue, beautiful September day. So.

I haven’t washed or brushed my hair in a week.

Call me feral, but it makes me giddy.

The point is, there are a million ways to do the lo/no poo. It’s all over Pinterest and the interwebs.

The fact is, if you are interested in doing it, two things must happen first:

  1. You must be tired of trying to fight your natural hair, and spending so much time doing so
  2. Your give-a-damn has busted and you would like to spend your time doing other things

Since those 2 apply to me now, I can go about my business and rock some frizzy curls guilt-free.

The transition has been a bitch, but now that it’s not so oily: it’s all about that volume, baby.

2 thoughts on “No ‘Poo Update: 2 Things Before You Start

  1. So glad you are giddy! I still work as a stylist, and it’s HARD to convince women that they’d look gorgeous it they’d leave their hair be.
    Go curly. . .it’s beautiful, easy-as-pie, and makes women look softer, younger, more approachable.
    Thanks for showing everyone your beautiful transition!

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    1. Awe thanks, Donna! It’s so hard to do and the transition is a beast. I still go back and forth washing and not washing, but only with natural shampoos! It’s worth a try though, for everyone!!


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