Thoughts after Major Clutter Purging

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My couch. Oh, how I love thee.

I’m coming off of my major de-cluttering high, and finally able to sit back and enjoy the hard work and results.

Over the last few months I’ve:

  • Got rid of carloads of wall art
  • Gave away baskets – this was a toughie because I’m a recovering basket hoarder
  • Donated an embarrassing amount of unused/ill fitting clothing

Giving away unused stuff has been exhilarating. I still am getting rid of stuff – it’s just not as intense as the beginning purges, mainly because I got rid of so much.

Going through this process has really put a lot of things and behaviors in perspective. Here are some thoughts that have come about:

  • No amount of stuff will make me happy
  • Chasing things put me in debt
  • My time is more important than my stuff
  • I hate cleaning up useless clutter, like, loathe
  • I’m tired of organizing: I just want it gone if it has no purpose
  • My home is a creative place and I want all our spaces used for things we love doing and making memories
  • Clutter causes me way too much anxiety and I’m tired of being stressed
  • I can change, if I want to

Those are just a few things that I’ve been focusing on.

Now, I have some extra space to enjoy the progress. I don’t have to be SO aggressive, only mindful with the remaining stuff.

My priorities are shifting and that drives me and makes me thrive. Although, I am sad that I’ve waited so long to change: it’s still never too late to start.

I’m going into this long weekend so, so thankful. It’s mine to enjoy – and I intend to!

13 thoughts on “Thoughts after Major Clutter Purging

  1. there is nothing more freeing than letting go! :0) I just went through something like this, and I still feel I could let go of more possessions :0) It looks great! mari

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  2. good for you….My office is in dire need of a huge face lift….I can feel it coming on, just haven’t gotten there yet…lol I too still am a basket anad little boxes hoarder…sad but I am….also bags, not purses, but bags…I have been called the bag lady before…you are giving me inspiration to get started on the office….happy load free labor day weekend….

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    1. Haha! My mom claims to be the bag hoarder too lol! It does feel so freeing to let go of the excess, or the things that really have no ‘place.’ Happy de-cluttering! Hope you are inspired to get the party started 🙂


  3. Congratulations !!! I still have so much clutter to go through ( or it looks like it to me ) and I just can”t wait to be in the same space you are now, empowered ! Well done ! You rock ! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Get it, girl! I’m still a work in progress as well. Sometimes, when I think I am ‘done’ I find more and more to de-clutter LOL! I guess I will be doing this forever 🙂 Good luck to you and your journey. One day at a time!

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      1. Yesss !!! So relating to this ! It is invigorating and exciting to know I can keep improving my life with something so simple and beautiful ! ❤️🌺😝

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  4. Are you still enjoying your decluttered home?? I got my office mucked out and man does it feel better….the bag for the good will is not as full as I would like it, I did go through all my books about 6 months ago and gave a lot to good will…I feel like going to the next room. but its 97 degrees here again today so I will wait…

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    1. Ohhh yes! It’s SO much better. I still can’t believe how much stuff I’ve accumulated over the years! Just when I think I’m done, there’s more decluttering to do LOL! One day at a time 🙂


      1. I would love to put it all out side and only bring in what I want….there was a show on TV where that’s what they did….keep and sell and throw away pile…what didn’t sell went to a thrift store….felt really good to muck out my office..looks like a different room……lol.

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      2. So awesome! I want to do that exact same thing. Something tells me though, that once everything was out- I wouldn’t bring ANYTHING back inside lol. Just the walls and floor and be DONE with it once and for all 🙂


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