Stifled Joy

Clarity, Joy

You are super happy. Something lit you up like a firework! You got the job, you are pregnant, you have some ahhmazing wedding photos: but you don’t want to share the news because you don’t want to make others feel less-than.

Or, you don’t want to be labeled as the Sunshine Girl, you don’t want to threaten others with your awesomeness.

You repress that joy and excitement.

Growing up you were told not to be “too happy” or “too boastful” or “too showey.”

That suppressed joy and excitement has taken it’s toll over the years hasn’t it?

Have you forgotten how to be excited and share the joy with others?

I have. Bigtime.

Perhaps, little by little I can open up again. I can let the drama go. I can love bigger, live happier, share my joy at any moment I want. Others need it. My lovies don’t need me to be a smaller version of myself do they?

Let’s let our energy and excitement shine and abandon all risk this weekend, shall we?

2 thoughts on “Stifled Joy

  1. Interesting idea. Some good truth there. Makes me think of the idea to love with reckless abandon. Or how God is said by some to love us wildly. It also makes me think of how my sons, all under age 10, don’t restrain any of their emotions, especially their excitement and joy and enthusiasm. But we as parents often tell them to squelch it and not be too obnoxious. I must try to not be too restrictive in their honest and full expressions.

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    1. Me too. The children are the best at expression and emotion and I am as guilty as any to tell them to hush and calm down! That’s just because me and my boredom and illusional adulthood has me all frazzled. I’m sad the think that I’m squelching my daughters excitement because I don’t want her to lose that as I did. Hard, but I think I will try to do better with that – and allow myself to have some fun, too!


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