Gentle Change, Gut-Fear, Meditation


That little gut-burn of fear we all know so well, can be fuel. It can also paralyze us into a rut that seems insurmountable. I’ve worked on both sides of fear for many years and have learned some things to be true:

  1. Harnessing that gut-fear takes courage
  2. When used as fuel, gut-fear makes opportunities seem endless
  3. Power can be scary, but that’s the best place to live and make decisions from
  4. Failure is possible, but not taking risk is even worse than failing
  5. Little gut-fear triumphs add up to some serious, miraculous change for the better

I work from places of complacency and fear, both. Sometimes I don’t feel like going with my gut for whatever reason. If I rock along in this state for too long, I paralyze and get stuck. Life feels ‘off.’ Negative energy attracts to me. My mind will tell me that going with my gut will be too much effort and it’s just not worth it. After a while, this causes me burnout and frustration.

When I take the time to notice that gut-fear for what it is, and use it for the positive, I feel powerful. I make clear, conscious choices. I take risks. I have that hard conversation: I stop behaviors that bother me: I don’t take any shit: I do new things: I create: I sleep better: I have more energy.

I am vowing to make more choices from the positive gut-fear. I will sit with it, listen to it, and let my intuition guide me. There is no need to fight the fear. It’s part of life and it will always be there, for all of us. It’s primal. It’s part of living. Why should it be the enemy?

I have been meditating on my fears for a while now and looked them all directly in the face. One by one, I realize that it is my internal energy, my heart, my soul speaking to me. If it is a fear that repeats and continues, I know that my intuition is speaking and I must listen.

We all have intuition for a reason, no matter how big or small.

I want to move forward listening to my center. I need that connection to myself. That’s where we should live from.

We are enough just as we are today. We are bigger than our negative thoughts or fears. Let’s harness them, listen to what it’s really telling us, and act.

7 thoughts on “Gut-Fear

    1. Me too – the distractions are very real and sometimes so loud I can’t even thing straight. I am attempting to drown it out so that I can hear and attune to my body and spirit more, because I do believe it is trying to guide me and tell me some important things that need action!

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  1. I don’t think I’ve thought of gut-fear in a positive light before. But I have thought of good and bad types of fear. Kinda like good or bad anger. Anyways, what really came to mind reading your post was how I realized just last week that I was basing a decision on the path of least resistance. I feared doing the hardest choice among several hard choices.

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    1. I do that too, Jason. I think it’s natural to want to stay where we are or take that path of least resistance (either knowingly or unknowingly). I do think it is a habit or ingrained way of thinking though – because it can be REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE πŸ™‚ It’s kind of hard to portray the ‘best’ way to harness that gut fear because not all fears need to be acted on, you know? But, I do think we all could get out of our bubble if we go with our gut and KNOW it is the right choice by doing the work, and taking that fear into a positive! I am going to try to do more in that frame of mind then just going with with I feel is ‘comfortable’ just for the sake of not ‘feeling fear.’

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  2. Love the way you put it. It is a revolution ! You opened the doors for me ! Thank you so much ! β€οΈπŸŒΊπŸ˜πŸ™β€οΈπŸŒΊπŸ™πŸŒΈ

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