Sink Into Life

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I have this new mental trick that I like to call Sink Into Life.

Having a mantra is important to me and my stability. There is no particular process I use in picking my mantra other than stating what I am feeling and what I want to accomplish.

This week my mantra is to Sink Into Life.

It came about because the weather is dreary and rainy and I am super exhausted. It’s like I can’t rest enough or catch up on good sleep. I have a marriage, house, full-time job, and 2 kids to raise so regardless of how I feel, I must continue.

And also, the sun rises no matter what, so I thought:

Why not just sink into this day, regardless?

By sink in, I mean:

  • Being OK with being tired
  • Embracing the rain
  • Expressing that I am tired, and trying my best without apology
  • No guilt about my feelings

While this sounds simple, it is actually pretty difficult for me. Usually, I will fight and fight and push and push and get super frustrated at my circumstance. Then, that will cause me to be miserable. When miserable, my anxiety spikes because I want soooo bad for energy to come my way. Then, I’m mad because it’s not there.

Next thing I know, I’m even more tired and the day is ruined.

So, instead of fighting, I am simply sinking into the day. I dressed comfy. I didn’t spend a lot of time on my hair because it’s raining outside. I’m not going to over-do it at work – I am just going to do what needs to be done and that’s all. I’m watching the leaves turn outside while drinking coffee and writing here about my experience. In a few moments, I am going to feed my Spirit and read my Bible. I’m OK with not feeling inspired today. I’m totally cool with just enjoying the day and not fighting it. I’m OK will being tired because there is not much else I can do about it.

So, I’m sinking into it. No apologies for what is.

Fall: Over-sized Scarf, Boots, & Tribal

Fall Fashion, Frugal Shopping, Thrifty Outfits

unnamed (3)

Fall is here and I’m pretty much OBSESSED with the fashion of the season. Because I’m into downsizing my wardrobe to my favorites and paying off debt doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be cute. Ahem.

It’s all about the balance and shopping with sense. That’s what I’ve learned anyway.

So, I’m not about to pay an arm + leg to get a new outfit. Trust me. I’ve learned the hard way entirely too many times.

But, I needed a new scarf because it’s getting rainy and chilly.

This super adorbs look can be purchased at your neighborhood corner:


The Similar Look:


Which, because it’s fall and because I am in love with over-sized scarves and tribal print for a good steal I want to share!


Oversized scarf $21.99


Burgandy Leggings $3.78


Tribal Blouse $6.66


Brown Boots $29.99


Tribal Watch $20.99

Cute, cute, cute.

Financial Guru

Debt, Finance, For Fun, Money


Somehow I graduated with a Bachelor’s – BBA, Management with a 3.4 GPA. This is the girl who had to take remedial math just to take college courses and pulled a C in Finance thanks to my friend sitting next to me. And no, I didn’t cheat to get my GPA completely – only in Finance because current events tests from newspapers all over the Globe was worth 60% of our grade for some damn reason, and my friend just so happened to be obsessed with those kinds of things. Sidenote: over half the class failed because of those impossible current event tests so I had to do what I had to do otherwise it would cost an arm and a leg to repeat that class for absolutely no reason. Didn’t learn doodlum squat about finance.


That said, math and finance are not my strong suit although it may look that way on the outside- College Degree in Business (ahem, numbers) + career in office admin, accounting, marketing etc. etc. etc. Most of which I abhor.

The great news is that I am up for hire as a Financial Guru! Yes!?

Because I know that $.99 (2 liter) is greater than $1.69 (20oz).

Math skillz and financial skillz – I got’em.

Nevermind the stares from people*possibly* thinking I was rude drinking straight from a 2 liter. I think it’s rude to charge nearly twice as much for the smaller size, thank you! And anyway, manners really hasn’t gotten me far in life. My kindness has, not my manners.

Stuck in Freedom



Freedom is what I crave most – why then does the idea and desire have me stuck?

It’s like there is vibrational gunk. Years of buildup has me paralyzed and I am desperately trying to just go into it.

As I think on the concept of what freedom means to me, I am stuck in opportunity. By that I mean that there are so so so many directions that I can take, I just don’t know which one.

So, I will either numb out, check out, not do a thing or just plunge. That plunge is scary because I have to question whether or not it’s the right thing to do.

What I want is to have the confidence, curiosity, and trust in myself that taking a leap would be the best thing for me. Instead of actually doing that, I am procrastinating in this web of what if’s:

  • What if my husband doesn’t support my decision?
  • What if I fail?
  • What if I have no money?
  • Will my child be OK?
  • What if we all have to move?
  • What if my house won’t sell?
  • What if my credit bottoms out?
  • What if I have nothing?
  • What if my husband leaves me?
  • What if I leave him?
  • What will my parents think?
  • What if I don’t find my purpose?
  • What if I stand frozen?
  • What if this is the biggest mistake of my life?

Those are the negatives, obviously. All the what if’s hang around telling me it’s just best to stay right where I’m at which is at best moderately cozy.

Should I trade moderately cozy for something else? For the unknown? 

Too many questions, and quite frankly a lot of internal and external work. Especially since I have nothing lined up as any type of Plan B.

  • What about healthcare? Will I even need it if I’m super-happy and living on my own terms?
  • What about people relying on me? Do they even need me in the first place?

Could I actually trade my moderately cozy life for a better one? And by better I mean:

  • On my terms
  • Exciting
  • Relaxed
  • Trusting
  • Fearless
  • Present
  • Passionate
  • Connected
  • Easy

The better life list is what my Soul desires. I just don’t know how to get there — yet.




I have gut-fear today. The reason being is that I have set a quit date.

June 16, 2016.

This date literally popped in my mind as I was meditating on passion. With my quiet mind and Sacred Spirit activated, it showed as clear as crystal.

And, after I saw that date it said: Q  U  I  T

Quit struggling

Quit frustration

Quit doing what doesn’t light you up inside-out

Just quit.

Besides being my birthday, I’m not sure why this is the date nor, do I have to understand why because it just is what it is.

Previously, I would have ignored this random revelation. Since I slowly shifting to instinctual decision-making, I simply can not ignore this nugget.

So, I am writing it down here.

My gut-fear is fiery and I am pretty excited. This time, I will not be making a gameplan, but I will just be. I will let it happen and unfold and trust that my answers will come in time.

Ask + Believe + Receive

Law of Attraction, Spirituality


Jesus and Law of Attraction.

Those two ideas in one sentence is enough to have the congregation sweating, huh?


I don’t believe I am going to Hell thankyouverymuch.

I do believe that there is something to this Law of Attraction and Jesus that I have been pouring some serious studying, meditating, praying, and opening my heart to.

I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours. Mark 11:24 Holy Bible

It’s true. I know it is.




Mind blown.

It’s incredible to realize the most profound thing I have seen today is about a bee.

My mind is open and my heart is slowly swelling. It’s incredibly freeing to know that all this chasing and dreaming and trying to control the outside energetic elements is a total drag and waste.

I must blossom.

And when I do:

The bee will come.

Giving Damns



The beauty of not-giving-a-damn is just that:


Which, as hard as I have tried to do so many things, and be the best at everything, not-giving-a-damn is a truly, psychedelic experience.

My brain tells me I have to do this, I must achieve this, I HAVE to be super woman.

My heart tells me to just be. My heart says that the Universe and Heavens will take care of me and to just let it.

Love and compassion will flow and be accepted, but the external circumstances that I try to control aren’t even mine to control in the first place.

Making the right choice, enjoying this moment, and realizing that I am enough just as I am, right in this instant is immensely simple, satisfying, and freeing. Getting to this point has been living hell, but very much part of the process to getting here in the first place.

I certainly wouldn’t describe this as Enlightenment, but it is a very different place than I have ever ventured before. I’m excited about it and really uncomfortable at the same time.

One thing I know to be true:

If you are excited and uncomfortable, you should probably go for it or embrace it anyway.

So, I don’t give a damn. That’s my embracing phrase for the day.