Stubborn Gladness



Stubborn Gladness.

That has a little bit of confused-umph to it doesn’t it?

I want stubborn gladness, and I want it bad. On a small level, stubborn gladness is simple: don’t take life too seriously. it’s being glad in the midst of trouble in life.

We all have troubles and we all have the opportunity to be glad, if we choose to harness and cultivate it.

Each passing day, I can feel that gladness, hope, joy, faith, and clarity surfacing.

Those are the feelings that have been squelched by my busyness and what I like to call “digging out of a ditch” for so long.

I grabbed a shovel and started digging at the beginning of this year.

I can smell the air. I can see some light. And I’m still digging. Still learning. Still discovering myself again.

Willing to listen. Willing to stop. Willing to change.

Deep stuff. Important stuff.

This is what I am doing and will continue to do.

3 thoughts on “Stubborn Gladness

  1. This is beautiful… this post feels like a light breeze on my skin after a hellish day of pain and sorrow… just love it ! It is so mysterious too ! Each of your recent posts made me feel like you were on the brink on unraveling to us, the dear readers some bombastic new concept/business idea/lifestyle revolution ! 😉 Maybe my imagination has been running a little wild… 😀 Just cant wait to read more magic coming from you !


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