Giving Damns



The beauty of not-giving-a-damn is just that:


Which, as hard as I have tried to do so many things, and be the best at everything, not-giving-a-damn is a truly, psychedelic experience.

My brain tells me I have to do this, I must achieve this, I HAVE to be super woman.

My heart tells me to just be. My heart says that the Universe and Heavens will take care of me andΒ to just let it.

Love and compassion will flow and be accepted, but the external circumstances that I try to control aren’t even mine to control in the first place.

Making the right choice, enjoying this moment, and realizing that I am enough just as I am, right in this instant is immensely simple, satisfying, and freeing. Getting to this point has been living hell, but very much part of the process to getting here in the first place.

I certainly wouldn’t describe this as Enlightenment, but it is a very different place than I have ever ventured before. I’m excited about it and really uncomfortable at the same time.

One thing I know to be true:

If you are excited and uncomfortable, you should probably go for it or embrace it anyway.

So, I don’t give a damn. That’s my embracing phrase for the day.

6 thoughts on “Giving Damns

  1. I have a feeling you are the answer to something I have been experiencing, well, your journey and message are ! 😝😝😝 sometimes the solution is very dimple : just be. 🌺🌸🌹 thank you ! πŸ™

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