Fall: Over-sized Scarf, Boots, & Tribal

Fall Fashion, Frugal Shopping, Thrifty Outfits

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Fall is here and I’m pretty much OBSESSED with the fashion of the season. Because I’m into downsizing my wardrobe to my favorites and paying off debt doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be cute. Ahem.

It’s all about the balance and shopping with sense. That’s what I’ve learned anyway.

So, I’m not about to pay an arm + leg to get a new outfit. Trust me. I’ve learned the hard way entirely too many times.

But, I needed a new scarf because it’s getting rainy and chilly.

This super adorbs look can be purchased at your neighborhood corner:


The Similar Look:


Which, because it’s fall and because I am in love with over-sized scarves and tribal print for a good steal I want to share!


Oversized scarf $21.99


Burgandy Leggings $3.78


Tribal Blouse $6.66


Brown Boots $29.99


Tribal Watch $20.99

Cute, cute, cute.

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