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Our hearts are imprisoned for just one reason: The only language they can speak is truth. Unlike the mind, which can be persuaded to accept the most bizarre ideas (“Look, it’s the Hale-Bopp comet! Time to kill yourself!), your heart tells it like it is, without bothering to be tactful or socially appropriate. Free hearts rock boats, break rules, do things that disrupt the system—whether that system is a dysfunctional family, a bloated bureaucracy, or the whole wide world. –Martha Beck

I’ve come to realize one of the main reasons for my anxiety is the conflict between my mind and heart.

I never knew until recently the true difference in the two life energy sources, I just accepted the fact that my mind was telling me what my heart was saying.

There is a shift now where I am listening to my heart more and more and ignoring my mind.

My brain is composed of past hurts, failures, society expectations, negative thoughts, memories: although there is a ton of positive stuff, too.

It’s simply time to hear my heart out first and tune out the ever rampant not-so-truthful brain.

Unfortunately, my heart is quiet. I’m ready to listen but it is silenced. That is because I have imprisoned my heart for so long. I’ve told it to hush! I’ve tried to rationalize against my heart.

I’m opening up the communication slowly and will listen to every tiny whisper.

Feed Your Soul and Spirit

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Human beings are spiritual creatures. We have soul. We have intriguing thoughts and incredible feelings. This is how we are set apart from the other animals. It’s science.

While science is not my strong suit, I can totally grasp this concept.

Since we are spiritual, we thrive on feeding that part of us. We need it and crave it. Unfortunately, it’s one of the first things to go in life because we will, you know, just get to it later.

Well, later turns into a really long time. We first focus on the Grind, the to-do list, our dreams and aspirations. Sooner or later, we burn completely out. We get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Something begins to feel like it’s ‘missing’ but we don’t know what it could be. We search, we splurge, we cry.

At this point, it is of serious value to take a look at our spirituality. Has it been neglected? Have you prayed? Do you remember what sunlight and dirt feel like on your skin? Have you silenced the outside noise that never shuts up long enough to breathe?

I have been in this situation more times than I like to admit.

A recent turning point was when I was so weak: physically, mentally, emotionally. I felt like I turned over every possible stone. I was getting exercise and rest. I was doing what I was “supposed to.” I was giving myself -ALL of myself- to my loved ones. That list that rolls on and on? Yeah, I was on it. But nothing seemed to feel right.

As I was moving my bed to a new location, I found my Bible. It was so pretty and crisp and clean. It was neatly tucked away all sacred-like. The pages were perfectly written in purple font and laid so crisp on top of each other.

I broke down and cried.

Why was my Bible so pristine? In an embarrassed, hurried hump I opened it up like it was the first time I had ever heard those precious words.

I grabbed my pen and ferociously made notes. I combed for any bit of inspiration that could ever be discovered. Each phrase was a new ‘aha’ moment. I lingered. Prayed. Sat silently, shaking all over.

I had been neglecting my faith. My SOUL.

A crisp, un-tattered Bible no longer served me. Had I not touched it? Had I been afraid to ‘mess it up?’

I was ashamed and felt guilty.

Friends, shame and guilt are not welcome when getting involved in spiritual things. 

Spirituality, faith, belief, forgiving yourself, and being grateful are all part of our life.

If you are in a ditch and have no way out consider loving and balancing by giving your Spirit some much needed attention. It needs to be fed, too. You need balance. Love. Freedom. Unleash your soul. Give it a chance to soar.