Soul, Heart, Dreams: Where it’s at


There is some healing in simply going where the day takes you. After letting go of a lot of demands these last few days, I had some time to revisit my simplicity journey and where I want to go from here. I feel in my bones a lot of changes I want to make in the future. Marinating on a few ideas and letting them swirl has been good for my heart. My tendency to jump onto different bandwagons and make willy-nilly choices is hard to fight, but big changes require focus, a plan, a dream, and some serious soul searching.

Some of the changes I want to make are extremely difficult; I mean, not for me, but it would be a major change for my spouse and children as well. A lot of my choices not only affect me, but it affects my family. I must know when to strike and do things that are beneficial to me and then there are other things that I must have support, agreement, and passion from my spouse.

It’s especially hard when having to get another person on your vision as well, even harder when what you want to do is totally different from the way things have been done in the past, or drastic career or lifestyle changes, or a complete 180 in viewpoint.

Some particular changes would require my husband to be on board too. If he’s not; then my dream doesn’t happen. In those cases, we have to find the middle ground.

But what if there isn’t a middle ground?

Then, I have to be willing to stay where I am.

A lot of ideas and change is not a big deal, but then the big-big stuff…oh man, it’s hard.

In the meantime, I am going to still manifest my dreams, weigh my options, do what I know to be true, and enjoy myself.

My blogging topics have been slim because my thoughts and dreams have been pretty large. I am meditating, resting, and focusing slowly on changes I want to make and most importantly connecting in harmony with my soul and heart.

Sounds woo-woo, but let me tell you: it’s where it’s at. Like, scary-but-awesome where it’s at.

Lots going on, but hopefully I will have some really, truly, amazing stuff to share very, very soon.