Financial Guru

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Somehow I graduated with a Bachelor’s – BBA, Management with a 3.4 GPA. This is the girl who had to take remedial math just to take college courses and pulled a C in Finance thanks to my friend sitting next to me. And no, I didn’t cheat to get my GPA completely – only in Finance because current events tests from newspapers all over the Globe was worth 60% of our grade for some damn reason, and my friend just so happened to be obsessed with those kinds of things. Sidenote: over half the class failed because of those impossible current event tests so I had to do what I had to do otherwise it would cost an arm and a leg to repeat that class for absolutely no reason. Didn’t learn doodlum squat about finance.


That said, math and finance are not my strong suit although it may look that way on the outside- College Degree in Business (ahem, numbers) + career in office admin, accounting, marketing etc. etc. etc. Most of which I abhor.

The great news is that I am up for hire as a Financial Guru! Yes!?

Because I know that $.99 (2 liter) is greater than $1.69 (20oz).

Math skillz and financial skillz – I got’em.

Nevermind the stares from people*possibly* thinking I was rude drinking straight from a 2 liter. I think it’s rude to charge nearly twice as much for the smaller size, thank you! And anyway, manners really hasn’t gotten me far in life. My kindness has, not my manners.