How to Cultivate Positive Manifestation

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I have tried to de-bunk positive manifestation for years. I truly wanted to believe that we just ride the waves of life and drudge through even if it is by the hairs on our head. But there is something great to this positive-thinking and positive manifestation energy.

Have you noticed when you are down in the dumps, so many things seem to go wrong. The longer the negativity, the worse it seems. One small thing leads to another and before you know it, you can barely get out of bed in the morning. Forget having any motivation whatsoever for fear that the sky might actually fall.

I’ve had been in that state for a really long time. When I was younger, I recall constantly pulling inner strength from positivity. I would purposefully be positive even in the worst of situations. I felt good. Even thought there were trials and hard times, I was still on the up and had plenty of energy to deal with whatever came my way.

Over time, that positivity dwindled down to sub zero. I’m not sure where the turn happened. At that point,I was in the dumps, and literally every day was a struggle. It was like, every where I turned something went wrong. My life seemed like it was in mass chaos and over time, it beat me down – way down.

I gave up on being positive, because honestly, I didn’t have the strength for a single positive thought because I felt it would just be a waste of what mental and physical energy I had left.

One day, I felt that I had to make a change. My plan was to simplify my life so that I had that extra energy to express positivity again. I had to get my thoughts back. My luck had run out and there was only one way to turn: I would turn my life around and get rid of the negative roadblocks and replace it with positive manifestation.

Since there is no manual for a person to follow when changing mindset, I just had to wing it.

My life is no where near perfect now, but the simple changes made along with some serious positive thinking (even when I don’t feel like it) has made a huge difference.

How to Cultivate Positive Manifestation

  1. Change Mindset: This is sneaky because doing it for one day will not give you the immediate results you so need. It takes time. Be forgiving of yourself and allow plenty of grace. When you know you must change your thought pattern and admit to yourself that you need to switch thinking: that’s the first step. Begin by saying out loud a mantra like; “I am a positive thinker” “Today will be an amazing day” “I will laugh at my trials and enjoy this day” “I am successful.” Don’t discount the cheesiness. It’s important.
  2. Remove Distractions: This takes time, but begin removing things that bring you down. For instance: I deactivated my Facebook, I created an entirely new Pinterest account for complete inspiration and positivity, I no longer watch the news or depressing topics, I’ve added yoga to my day instead of scrolling online. You are what you eat: food as well as what you take in every day. Replace negativity with positivity, and with time you will reap the benefit.
  3. De-Clutter: If you have possessions in your home that are no longer serving you, it will take it’s toll. The less you have, the less you have to maintain. Begin getting rid of things that you don’t believe useful or beautiful. Start with one room at a time; or if that’s too much, one drawer at a time. Make it a positive experience. Thank every item you get rid of for serving you at one time or another and then let go. For instance: I got rid of my craft supplies and sewing machine because I felt guilty for not making time for crafting. The truth was, I didn’t want to make the time and didn’t want to spend time that way any more. I had fun in years past, but it’s not me anymore. Now, I only keep hobbies and items that serve me today, not Yesterday’s-Me or Future-Me.
  4. Reconnect: Reconnect with your spirituality or relationships that you may have been neglecting. Pray, meditate, or phone a long lost friend. Focusing on others and spirituality will give you a deeper sense of life and remind you of your values and priorities
  5. Time Out: Take a time out every day for yourself. It may be brief at first, but clear distractions and spend time getting to know your hopes and dreams again. Breathe. Rest. Focus.
  6. Passion Statement: Create a passion statement where you bring your priorities to life. Be clear on what is important to you. Begin getting rid of people or things that is blocking your way so you can get down to the good stuff.
  7. Fuel: Fuel up on good food, good rest, and good memories. Give your body a good rest and fuel to do good work. Not taking care of yourself is a sure way to get down and sickly. Begin by making choices that benefit you instead of take away.
  8. Be That Person: Probably most important of all actually be true to yourself and behave in accordance. You want to eat better? Eat better today. You want to be a runner? Run. You want to write? Start a blog. You want to be positive? Think and intake positivity.

It’s easy to get down on ourselves, but making better choices that benefit us each and every day pay off in the end. If you would like to change your mindset, start right now. Stick with it until it becomes a habit and you see your past negative self dwindle away.

Take a Chance, Make a Change

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We have a chance to make numerous choices every, single day. There comes a point though, when maybe our auto-pilot life becomes comfortable. Boring, stagnant, and comfortable. We realize beneath it all something is lacking. Our joy has been squelched due to the day-to-day demands that we dictate to ourselves. We measure our worth based on checking off the to-do-list and then beating ourselves up when we simply can’t accomplish it all.

That’s a rut. It’s a tough one to admit to, and a stickler to dig out of.

That’s where I was just a few short months ago. I started running – not walking – in the opposite direction.

It was time to take a risk: I have to change and take some risks, here. 

This realization and admittance that I am in fact, not Super Woman was a little hard to come to grips with, but there was truth beneath the surface.

I don’t want to be Super Woman.

I don’t want to be living in chaos. I don’t want to feel overwhelmed and full of anxiety. I want peace and joy.

The contrast between the two are pretty drastic.

That means I have to open my mind and try different solutions to my struggle.

Day by day, my slow changes are really easing my anxiety and happiness is finally creeping in. I do things a little differently now by:

  1. Getting rid of excess and clutter for clarity and less wasted time on organizing and picking up.
  2. Removing social media from my life so I can focus on myself and what’s important.
  3. Thinking positively by meditating and appreciating what I have and where I’m going.
  4. Letting go of other people’s behavior and my past.
  5. Changing daily chores: I hang clothes to dry, use less dishes and hand-wash when done, put things back where they belong, and let it go when I want to do something else.
  6. Eating well helps me feel energized and lose excess pounds.
  7. Paying off debt by getting my finances in order and stop useless spending.
  8. Daily Yoga helps my body stretch and tone as well as a great way to integrate balance in my life.
  9. Being conscious of my beauty routine where less is definitely more.
  10. Creating a capsule wardrobe so my style is consistent and less stressful when getting ready and wasting money filling the gaps for sake of fashion.

These 10 changes have taken time. I began slowly and deliberately and have really tried to understand myself and my past along the way. It’s been my saving grace in the stickabilty to a major life change like this one.

Knowing you need to make a change and then taking the plunge can be scary. But there is nothing to fear. You can always go back to the way things were before. I mean, what’s there to lose?

Financial Boss: Part 3

Financial Boss Series


This whole Financial Boss serious came about because I got to a point of ‘enough’ when it comes to my money managing me, and not the other way around. I couldn’t come up with a good excuse anymore as to why I keep allowing that to happen.

Living on auto-pilot can seem alluring and easy sometimes, but in the end important things can be neglected. I know this because I’ve been on auto-pilot for many years, skimming by. My focus now is to live an intentional life;

an intentional life in everything that I do.

So, because that is my core it is no surprise that my auto-pilot money management needed an over haul. Hence, becoming my own Financial Boss.

In Financial Boss: Part 2, I gave a quick glimpse into my credit and money spending history. It’s not a shocker, but it reveals a lot about how I’ve justified being on auto-pilot.

Discovering how I actually behave when it comes to my money was my starting point.

  1. Financial Behavior: Auto-pilot; includes auto bill pay, making minimum credit card payments, not paying attention to my interest rates, and putting no thought into how and where I spend my money.

Now that I have defined my behavior, I needed to discover where I spend money:

Hint: It ain’t pretty.

I’ve been ignoring my credit card interest rates. My statements are all online. I know my minimum payment, so I just have it auto-drafted. I’ve been afraid to face the nitty gritty. So, instead of taking the time to know the truth about my financial situation: I’ve turned a blind eye.

When we do that, credit card debt never ends.

Here is an example: My Target credit card has a 22.9% interest rate. I pay the minimum payment of $27.00 a month. That means that I pay WHAT I OWE (principle) $9.37 and Target credit gets $17.63 of that in INTEREST.

I don’t know about you, but I am not OK with that anymore.

That’s stealing and robbing from me, People!

Every dollar we hand over to a company is a way that we tell them:

I support you.

I support your business practices.

I support your mission.

I support every thing that you stand for.

I am OK with giving you my hard earned money for your product/service.

My motivation for paying credit card debt is simple:

I do not support their business practices. I do not support their mission. I do not support what they stand for. I am not OK giving them 3 times what I paid for an item.

Now that I am fired up I can move forward. I will not give them another dime after I pay off what I currently owe (and I’m going to pay it off quick). I’m totally withdrawing my support from credit card companies because it’s straight-up stealing from me; and it’s stealing from you.

My mind is made up, there will be no turning back.

My wallet would barely close when I started the process because it was so full of plastic. Cards that I don’t use anymore, duplicate cards, and active cards.

I pulled them all out and laid them on my desk to get the full visual of what I’ve been doing.

It was messy, scary, and quite honestly disgusting. I asked myself how I ended up with credit cards from so many clothing stores. Is it because they promised $10 off? Did I get scammed by advertising and my auto-pilot behavior?

I spent a few hours on the phone calling every single unused and duplicated credit card company. And it was really simple:

I closed my accounts.

They all tell me that they hate to lose me as a customer. What? I can still shop there, just not on high interest rates from credit cards.

I did leave 3 credit cards open only because I’m still paying on them, but as soon as they are paid off, they will be closed as well.

My favorite part of closing my accounts?


By de-cluttering my wallet and getting rid of unused accounts I can now laser focus on what I have left without distraction or guilty feelings about my past.

So, if you are interested in getting off of auto-pilot and becoming your own intentional boss, I would encourage you to spend some serious time thinking about it before tackling it.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is my financial behavior?
  2. What don’t I like about my current situation?
  3. How does it really feel to not know where my hard-earned money is going?
  4. What businesses am I supporting by giving them my money?
  5. Am I really OK with paying that much in interest rates on credit card purchases?
  6. Am I willing to take a risk in changing my strategy?
  7. Or, am I completely content with where I am?

I feel these questions are really important. I spent A LOT of time asking myself each and every one of these. My answers were clear:

I haven’t been happy. I am not OK where I was. I am ready to take a risk and simply change the way I do things.

I’m excited about Part 4 of the series. I’m going to reveal to you the differences in my past financial management, and my new one.

Spoiler alert: It’s nothing intense or drastic: just a little different, but will pay off much better in the end.

Sneaky Beauty Items

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I found these beauty items in my purse. I didn’t even know they were in there.


It’s impressive how our stuff sneaks in on us when we’re not paying attention.

I’ve already simplified my beauty routine drastically and will continue to do so. Translation: these items are not invited to my new simplified party. I had to throw them away.

There was a time when I would think it was such a waste to through away perfectly good items. I mean, it IS a waste to buy it in the first place if you aren’t going to use it.

I bought these beauty items because I was bored, anxious, self-conscious, and wanting to slather products on my face to be more beautiful because as women we are told we have to pile on the makeup and spend copious amounts of money to be pretty.

That’s such a load of crap.

I do still wear makeup but only a little tiny bit. And it’s natural.

And that’s what I will continue to do.

I’m removing the unused excess and these items are pointless, useless, and are created and bought for really no good reason at all. It’s time for them to go!

Maybe one day, I won’t have to carry a purse at all!

Throw Pillows Be Gone

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Recently Updated

It’s official.

I have had a seriously, unhealthy relationship with throw pillows over the years.

These pillows have multiplied. I’ve sewn some, bought some, and moved them to every house I’ve ever lived in.

And somehow, they always end up getting on my last nerve.

I mean, yes they are super adorable sometimes. But, we don’t actually use them.

Pretty much the only use for them is for ME to constantly pick up from the floor where they have been discarded several times a day.

To think, I have done this for years now.

I remember the last three times I have moved, I had to pack up several contractor garbage bags full of throw pillows alone. Why?

So, a last tribute to my throw pillows in the montage above.

I only have 4 now.

Two are on my couch and the other two serve as a “back” on my daughter’s rocking chair.

And these four are actually used and serve a purpose.

I’m excited to finally quit the title: The House Pillow Picker-Upper.

Now I can do something else worth while.

Goodbye, Bookshelf & a Tribute

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Goodbye, bookshelf. You have been a good one. I have moved you to three different homes. I have placed you in just about ever nook imaginable. I made you a closet. I filled you with baskets. You held my dusty trinkets so eloquently.

The thought of ever having to move you again really makes my head hurt. I’ve come to realize that it is time for us to break up.

I finally admit that I simply thought that I had to put stuff on you since you were there. But, in truth you were only housing unused items, and baskets holding unused items, and it never felt right to me.

So, let’s part shall we?


As I was de-cluttering I realized that there was absolutely no reason to even have this bookshelf. Not even one thing made the cut from the shelf that I actually use…ever.

After about a week of sitting in the tiny hallway empty, it was time to say goodbye.

unnamed (1)

We parted ways.

And I’m not sad about it.

Without further ado, one last tribute to the shelf that housed so many unused things for sake of having a bookshelf for no real reason.

Here’s a final look into the shelf’s past:


You were a good closet — even though I already had a closet.


You held books that I already read, and would never read again, along with other decor that I never really liked to begin with.


The buckled and bent shelves from so much stuff made you squeal, but I still piled it on.

Then you became a danger with kids in the house. I was always terrified you would fall over. Thankfully you never did.

But now, you are gone. There is no need to house unused stuff.

You can go be free, and so can I.

With extra space for me.

I can let go an move on.

You will not be coming with me in the future.

We are done.


De-Cluttering: Jewelry

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Getting real about our clutter isn’t always easy. Sometimes our belongings have sat around unused so long that we don’t even realize it’s there.

I do things differently now when de-cluttering.

The answer is really simple:

I’m getting real about what I actually use regularly.

This allows me to get rid of the mightusesomeday or ikindasortalikeit dilemmas.

Above is a pic of my current jewelry after a massive de-clutter. What you see are the pieces I actually have worn in the last year.

That’s all that made the cut. Everything else was donated.

There is no humongous box housing unwanted pieces, there is no massive wall display like I used to have showing off jewelry that was never worn. This is it.

And it works perfectly now, a few of my favorite earrings and 2 necklaces.

I can find everything so easy instead of digging through the clutter.

When we remove the excess and the unwanted or unused items, we can truly see the value in our favorite things. All the sudden, their beauty and worth begins to shine as all the noise is removed.

3 Reasons Why I am De-Cluttering

De-Cluttering, Minimalism, Minimalist

To untether ourselves from our stuff, we must really get to the beef on why we are so attached in the first place.

When I first started de-cluttering my home, I didn’t know the answer, I only knew that I wanted it gone so I that I could breathe again.

But, as I go along my focus gets clearer and clearer.

The main reason I have so many things that I am attached to is:

I don’t want to let go of who I was in the past.

It was my childhood, it was all my good memories, it was fun fads and trends I took part of. It all brings warm fuzzies to my memory. But there are also a lot more things that I’m holding on “just in case” or if “I change my mind about something.”

In reality: I do want to let go of who I was in the past. I am not that person. I’ll never be that person again and that could actually be a good thing. I’m in a new decade and have been through a lot that allows me to see this world through different eyes.

It’s OK to let go. It’s OK for me to change. I want something new.

Since I have reached that point in my psyche and heart I can let go with grace and ease. I’m looking ahead and moving with myself, not against it.

There are three main reasons I am de-cluttering my stuff and they are all very, VERY, important to me.

1. Less to clean. Do I even need to elaborate? See why here.

2. Room for growth. I don’t like seeing unfinished projects and hopes that I had on a whim from my past. Be it craft supplies, exercise equipment, and duplicates. The things that used to interest me 10 years ago do not apply now. I have other hobbies and hopes. The one’s I have now is what stays.

3. Focus. My clutter (physical and emotional) is holding me back bigtime. I have things that I want to do and accomplish that I can’t because of the clutter. I’m not hanging on anymore, I am moving forwards.

My life is beginning to align with my true self. That’s the girl I am, and that’s the girl I will honor.

T-Shirts: There’s 7 Days in a Week

De-Cluttering, Letting Go, Minimalism, Minimalist, Simple Life, Simplicity


There are seven days in a week.

That fact is not going to change, so it makes me question why I have 14+ t-shirts in my closet. That would mean that I have to wear two or more t-shirts a day per week to wear them all. That really doesn’t make any sense considering I only wear a t-shirt right before bed and maybe on the weekend.

This discovery lets me know that I simply have too many t-shirts in my life.

So, it’s time to break-up.

Half of them are now gone and my closet thanks me.

What do you keep that doesn’t make any sense?

Things to Remember as You Change (for the better!)

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We all have a tendency to build emotional walls, develop coping mechanisms, and hone in on our fight or flight survival skills. I’ve learned that with time, all of these things defenses build up emotional plaque.

I am not the same person I was 10 years ago, and neither are you. Our experiences have changed us – either for the better or worse. Perhaps we have baggage and negative energy we have bottled up inside. It never gets dealt with because we don’t make or have the time for it.

As we shift and change through time, this bottling up can become a very stressful situation.

If we let it go long enough without dealing with it and changing our behaviors, issues will eventually surface. The daily grind can become overwhelming simply because our inner primal instincts tell us to run from the lion, even if there is no lion.

This is the effect of busyness, stress, frustration, clutter, and simply not taking care of ourselves.

Because my health is now suffering, it is time to do the work and deal with it.

I have attempted to de-clutter my possessions and simply for many, many years but I always end up stuck and giving in. I will donate, then binge trying to fill the void.

Life is full of lessons and I have learned a few things so I can adapt and change:

1. Take it slow. Although I am doing a panicked de-cluttering of my possessions, I am really feeling and experiencing the weight this has on me this time. Instead of just taking my unused possessions out of my living space and downstairs for later or labeling it ‘may use in the future’ it goes straight to the donation center.

2. Be patient with yourself. When we face reality, it can be tough. Especially if you are like me and have just pushed issues inside without the time to deal with it. All of it will eventually surface. It’s worth noting, looking into, and letting go.

3. Celebrate. Yes, de-cluttering and simplifying can be daunting. You will come to realize a lot more about yourself than you may even be ready for. But, this is time to celebrate! You are facing your demons and changing for the better. It’s a celebration!

4. Grace. You and I have made a lot of mistakes. We are human after all. But, everyone has and everyone has to own up to it. By hiding behind the curtain of denial, nothing is accomplished. We can not change unless we bring it all to the table. I’m learning with time, that I forgive myself. Not everything is my fault; whether it was someone else’s doings or my own: what happened has happened. There, I said it. Now, let’s do something else.

5. Live for now. What happened yesterday doesn’t matter anymore. You learn from it. You have permission to let go and be your best today. Tomorrow hasn’t happened; and quite frankly, may not ever happen, so let’s not worry. Let us live our lives for today in this moment. We better make dang sure we live the life we want because we only have 1 shot at this.

You will know when it’s time to make a drastic change. You may be lurking here for some inspiration or someone to relate to. That’s what I do. Know that you can’t change until you are ready to do the work. Start now. Be the person you want to be. Don’t focus on the end result, focus on what you do right now and what your next decision will be. All the littles make the bigs in the end. It takes daily tries and choices – not just one big bang! Get that momentum and do it.

That’s where I’m headed; imperfectly perfect.