Ask & You Shall Receive

Minimalism, Thrifting


Ask and you shall receive.

It’s been super hard for me to decide if I wanted to bring a rug back into my living room. I mean, I have to vacuum it y’all, and that ain’t cool. But, a few weeks ago, it became clear that we needed one because well, the floor is hard and we like to sit and play on it.

I refused to spend money on a new rug because they are outrageously priced. So, I’ve just been patiently waiting and praying to the rug gods that one would stumble my way.

And it finally did!

A massive, neutral, wool, handmade, solid, soft bottomed, deliciously perfect floor rug was found!

For free.

It is absolutely perfect and does the job fantastically.

Because I’m nosy, I found out to buy this new it’s around $700+.

This story sounds like it is about a rug, but it’s really about sticking to your guns, being patient, hoping, thinking, dreaming, holding out for greatness, leaving space to be filled with goodness: in all areas of our lives.

I’m always wanting something and going after and getting it that instant. That has served me well sometimes, but more often than not left me with half-assed decision based guilt.

And I have no room for that in my life anymore: from the non-serious stuff (a rug) to the hugely important stuff, my dreams and desired won’t be hurried and rushed. There will be space for growing, dreaming, and learning. Quality is welcome over quantity. Love is welcome over stuff. Freedom seeking always and working toward spreading my wings.