Second-Hand Score: Free People Hoodie

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fp hoodie

Of course I must share when I find a fabulous thrift-sto’ find!

This hoodie is a recent favorite: A brand and style I’m obsessed with. FREE PEOPLE.

I’m not a ‘brand’ person. Meaning: I could truly care less what the brand name is as long as I like the style. However, my main exception is Free People because, well, I love every single thing they offer.

And, when I stumble across something of theirs second-hand, it’s mine! Mainly because it’s always adorable and I could never afford or be willing to pay their prices for their stuff.

So, this Free People hoodie set me back $6.99. #winning

Fall: Over-sized Scarf, Boots, & Tribal

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unnamed (3)

Fall is here and I’m pretty much OBSESSED with the fashion of the season. Because I’m into downsizing my wardrobe to my favorites and paying off debt doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be cute. Ahem.

It’s all about the balance and shopping with sense. That’s what I’ve learned anyway.

So, I’m not about to pay an arm + leg to get a new outfit. Trust me. I’ve learned the hard way entirely too many times.

But, I needed a new scarf because it’s getting rainy and chilly.

This super adorbs look can be purchased at your neighborhood corner:


The Similar Look:


Which, because it’s fall and because I am in love with over-sized scarves and tribal print for a good steal I want to share!


Oversized scarf $21.99


Burgandy Leggings $3.78


Tribal Blouse $6.66


Brown Boots $29.99


Tribal Watch $20.99

Cute, cute, cute.