One Letter is Changing my Life

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When you start working inside-out, some really crazy shizz starts to surface. I’m talking: crazy.

That’s important because getting into the routine of checking into your desires and feelings and why-you-do-what-you-do is legit.

For so long, I ignored my heart and soul. I went with the I should’s instead of the I must’s. Not with ill intention of course, it’s just that it’s easy to push our true desires aside at some point when we ‘grow up.’

But, in reality we don’t have to.

In realizing that my happiness is not attached to goals, end results, or what other people think of me, I came up with a simple solution that seems so simple that it’s easy to forget about. Once it becomes habit after some practice – chasing happiness and desires doesn’t seem so hard after all.

Change one letter and you have a new word. THAT word makes a major difference in how bad-ass you are. 

Instead of saying:

I will be happy W hen…

You say:

I will be happy, T hen..


You can use this exercise in pretty much any situation and test how the results make you feel.

a) I will be happy when I get a new job

b) I will be happy, then go after that new job

a) I will be happy when I get out of debt

b) I will be happy, then have the energy to create an awesome debt-tackling plan

a) I will be happy when my husband validates me

b) I will be happy, then ‘do me’ because I don’t need my husband’s validation

a) I will be happy when I lose weight

b) I will be happy, then put my shoes on and go for a run on this gorgeous day


It’s easy! Now you try it.

The Journey Is Worth It

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You know the drill. We buy a bazillion dollars worth of hair and make-up products all our lives and then wonder why our skin looks horrible, and our hair is thinning, bland, and falling out. It’s no secret that the products we buy are damaging, but we do it anyway because we think it’s no big deal.

Well, I had a turning point with my hair. A huge chunk broke off last month and I know I had to make a change in the products I was using. My face was broke out, red, and splotchy from all the creams and scrubs and medicines I was applying. To top it off- I was using Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner to clean house and it totally rusted my appliances and discolored my counter tops. If an ‘all purpose cleaner’ isn’t all purpose, then….I’m going green, baby.

This change is taking a while as I research and test products to arrive at a place where I love the items I buy and they actually work. It’s a process. If you have experienced the same type things I have and are looking for an alternative, experimenting and using less may be the answer.

It has been for me.

I am not an expert by any stretch. But, I have learned some things and I want to share.

  • No Poo/ Low Poo: I went no poo for a while, but have changed my process. I now only use natural shampoo, conditioner, and products. Unfortunately, I blow dry and flat iron my hair again. My wiley curls just wasn’t working out. Maybe one day I can be just as hardcore. However, I did learn that I will survive if I don’t wash my hair ever single day, and if my hair is curly and wild – so be it.
  • Natural Soap & Body Wash: I use Zum Bar soap and Burt’s Bees body wash. My skin is hydrated, dry-patch, and red bump free after a month! I thought there was no cure for my skin conditions (per dermatologists as well), but that’s just not the case. Apparently, regular chemical-filled soaps, body washes, and scrubs were destroying my skin.
  • Caveman Regimine Skincare: This is a miracle. I only wash my face with water and a baby soft wash cloth. No soap or creams or moisturizer touches it! I’ve been doing this for a while now and my blackheads are disappearing and not coming back, my red cheeks have nearly went away, and my skin glows.
  • Natural Makeup: This is still a work in progress, but currently I use Physicians Formula Organic CC Cream, and shimmer bronzer (or cinnamon) on my face. I’m phasing out my eye makeup and when it’s time to replenish it will be organic. I also use grapeseed oil on a cotton ball to remove my eye makeup.
  • No Sugar Diet: In a perfect world I would eat Paleo. That is my future wish, not my reality. However, I do not eat sugar – or when I do, it is minimal and natural occurring (like watermelon occasionally). This means lots of meats and veggies. Also hemp hearts and peanuts, almond milk, and coconut flour to name a few snacks and additions. Without a lot of carbs and eating foods of high protein, I am fully satisfied, full of energy, and get better sleep. It works for me.
  • Live With Less: I quit shopping to waste time. I evaluate every purchase and make sure it will be used and is in line with my core beliefs. I am paying of debt, so spending wildly is not an option.
  • Clearing Clutter: Getting rid of clutter and unused items in my home to make space for things that matter and brings me peace of mind.

I like to remind myself of the changes I am making and the progress I’ve made so far. Sometimes it seems like there is so much I need to change that it’s overwhelming. I didn’t make all these changes in one day. It has been phased over time and have allowed myself plenty of space to make mistakes, start again, and to experiment. I am having fun and enjoying the ride.

Are there things you want to get rid of to make space for more of what you want? What’s your motivation and how are you getting back to your authentic self?


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With our busy, on-going, never-ending, to-do lifestyles, it’s no wonder many of us burn out.

The burn out is what is driving me to simplify and evaluate my priorities. I want to live a life that is full of passion and is aligned with my true self. After surviving my 20’s, I realized with a quickness that I had over spent, over charged, and over exerted myself so thin that I had to quickly dig myself out. I’ve been living a life that society told me I had to live to be successful.

Well, the new leaf has turned and I am on a mission to simplify and begin living a better life. A life that is simplified, care-free, and peaceful.

I have a lot to do and a lot to accomplish to get there. The journey is a tough one, but I am already reaping the benefits.

First, as I have stated many times on the blog is my core wishes. These wishes are what I want more of. For me to enjoy and experience what I actually want, I must get rid of things that are clouding my life.

Every day I focus on my core wishes:

  • I want more time with family
  • I want a slower life
  • I want clarity
  • I want peace
  • I want space
  • I want freedom
  • I want to be healthy

The things that I am getting rid of are:

  • Clutter
  • Distraction
  • Busyness
  • Social Media
  • Weight
  • Society’s pressures

It takes a great mental shift to narrow down what we truly want. After we have that figured out, it’s time to think about what we don’t want.

My journey is on-going, but the progress is great.

  • Clutter is slowly diminishing from my home: I have my SUV full of donation items that I am dropping off today
  • Diet is improved and I have more energy and have lost 30lbs due to no-sugar foods and yoga/exercise
  • Focus is beginning to get a little clearer each day as I lift the busyness
  • Self confidence is growing as I define what I want and make choices to live the life I am supposed to live

Our life is short and there is no reason to spend it doing things you don’t want to do. Why say yes to a life of distraction when what you want is peace? It is possible to get there, one step at a time.

Fewer Toys: Making Room for Kid’s Creativity

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One of the main focuses on my journey to minimalism is the amount of possessions I have. I want to remove the unnecessary so that I can focus on what truly matters.

Housework is one thing that takes up so much of our time. It never ends. Stuff piles up. We procrastinate. The easiest thing we can do to invite peace into our home and enjoy less housework is to pare down possessions. Every item we buy, own, and store owns us. We have to maintain, clean around, find a place for, move around; the more things we have in our house, the more we have to do.

A major area in my home is kid’s toys. I’m talking about the kids have a million toys. It’s out of control. The children can’t even enjoy playing with them because there are so many options. It’s like they give up because there is so much stuff surrounding them they don’t even know where to start. My children enjoy a clean slate with enough options to entertain and have room to express their creativity.

I’ve been decreasing the amount of toys for my daughter. I took a whole layer of toys away from her toy box, and bless it, she was so excited to be able to see all the toys at the bottom. It was like Christmas morning. I kept out all of her favs and left a few new ones. She doesn’t know any different, and I have less mess to clean up. Win-win.

I actually googled ‘how many toys does a child need’ and ran across a beautiful article about this very topic by BecomingMinimalist. I love when she said I’m not anti-toy, I’m pro-child.

I don’t have a set number of toys I want her to have, I just want her have space to be her beautiful, funny, creative little self. She can’t do that with so much overwhelming clutter, just as I can’t keep up a peaceful home and mind with my stuff everywhere.

I need open spaces. I need less. I will get there.

Don’t Let Happiness Depend on Something You May Lose

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One thing that is for sure: everything in life changes.

How often do we depend on routine, other people, jobs, money, and stuff to make us happy? I found myself doing this pretty much my whole life. I was happy if my circumstances were, as I viewed, happy.


I felt like my life would be complete when I got a job out of college.

I lost it.

I felt like my life would be better if I got married.

Almost lost it.

I hoped I would be a true grown-up when I bought a house.

Nearly lost it.

I thought that my clothes and hairstyle would make others love me more if it was current and ‘in.’

I am getting older and losing it.

I thought that furnishing my home with cute stuff and wall hangings and furniture would make me happy.

It breaks, runs down, and I lose it.

These things do not make you happy. Happiness comes from within. It comes from the way we view our circumstances. It comes from being content with what we have already been given, and it comes from the brave ability to let go of things we can’t control.

And if you are like me and have tried your dangdest to control your life, you have probably already found out:

You can lose it.

It’s time to take a real account of our stuff and people in our lives and determine if our priorities are in order. It’s too easy for chaos and confusion to rule our lives. But, what’s the most important things?

  • Family
  • Health
  • Peace
  • Joy
  • Wisdom
  • Relaxation
  • Clarity

None of which comes from a perfect situation in which your mind dreams up. Life’s lessons, experience, and the ability to flow and enjoy make a person rich. Rich in heart and rich in spirit.

We are not guaranteed tomorrow. There will be trials but there will also be joy. Don’t be afraid to look within and to take change and discomfort with grace. Find your priorities and do that. Forget the rest.

That’s what I am going to do.