Stifled Joy

Clarity, Joy

You are super happy. Something lit you up like a firework! You got the job, you are pregnant, you have some ahhmazing wedding photos: but you don’t want to share the news because you don’t want to make others feel less-than.

Or, you don’t want to be labeled as the Sunshine Girl, you don’t want to threaten others with your awesomeness.

You repress that joy and excitement.

Growing up you were told not to be “too happy” or “too boastful” or “too showey.”

That suppressed joy and excitement has taken it’s toll over the years hasn’t it?

Have you forgotten how to be excited and share the joy with others?

I have. Bigtime.

Perhaps, little by little I can open up again. I can let the drama go. I can love bigger, live happier, share my joy at any moment I want. Others need it. My lovies don’t need me to be a smaller version of myself do they?

Let’s let our energy and excitement shine and abandon all risk this weekend, shall we?

Don’t Let Happiness Depend on Something You May Lose

Clarity, Free Spirit, Gentle Change, Hippy Life, Letting Go, Minimalism, Simplicity

One thing that is for sure: everything in life changes.

How often do we depend on routine, other people, jobs, money, and stuff to make us happy? I found myself doing this pretty much my whole life. I was happy if my circumstances were, as I viewed, happy.


I felt like my life would be complete when I got a job out of college.

I lost it.

I felt like my life would be better if I got married.

Almost lost it.

I hoped I would be a true grown-up when I bought a house.

Nearly lost it.

I thought that my clothes and hairstyle would make others love me more if it was current and ‘in.’

I am getting older and losing it.

I thought that furnishing my home with cute stuff and wall hangings and furniture would make me happy.

It breaks, runs down, and I lose it.

These things do not make you happy. Happiness comes from within. It comes from the way we view our circumstances. It comes from being content with what we have already been given, and it comes from the brave ability to let go of things we can’t control.

And if you are like me and have tried your dangdest to control your life, you have probably already found out:

You can lose it.

It’s time to take a real account of ourĀ stuff and people in our lives and determine if our priorities are in order. It’s too easy for chaos and confusion to rule our lives. But, what’s the most important things?

  • Family
  • Health
  • Peace
  • Joy
  • Wisdom
  • Relaxation
  • Clarity

None of which comes from a perfect situation in which your mind dreams up. Life’s lessons, experience, and the ability to flow and enjoy make a person rich. Rich in heart and rich in spirit.

We are not guaranteed tomorrow. There will be trials but there will also be joy. Don’t be afraid to look within and to take change and discomfort with grace. Find your priorities andĀ do that. Forget the rest.

That’s what I am going to do.