Create Passion Statements

Clarity, Passion Statements

Mission statements are not just for businesses. Creating a mission statement for yourself is a great way to gain clarity, focus, and help you make easier decisions based on your values and heart. Simply put, it will help you connect with your authentic purpose and the awesomness that comes from fulfilling it. When you can define your core values and beliefs, it will allow you a better guide to make choices that align with your true hippy self.

Let me insert: I prefer to call them passion statements!

For so many years I felt like I had to have a cut and dry outlook and goal plan to be successful. I had to go through the motions and drag myself through the day on autopilot.

Then, I got sick, tired and exhausted. My anxiety attacks were through the roof and I was completely in overwhelm. That’s when I knew things had to change and that I had to start living from my heart.

My passion statements

  • My work must fuel me: It must fuel my brain and body where stress and worry can not get in the way. It must allow me creative energy and enough freedom to live my passions.
  • My work must allow me to help other people: I must be allowed a helpful spirit. I must feel inspired and mentally and physically strong to be my best self.
  • My work must make room for clarity: I must have room for work and then enough space to be me.
  • My work environment must be positive: Negative vibes make a negative hippy and that is no fun.

Passion statements aren’t excuses: they are musts.

We know that life has curve balls and no situation is perfect, but there are just some things that the soul needs that are undeniable. If you deny your soul what it craves, that’s no life at all.

I don’t have it all figured out or a hard set of missions and rules. I gave that up a long time ago. My passion statements are proof that I don’t need all that to be successful. All I need is space, freedom, positive vibes, meditation, and room to breathe to do my most meaningful work.

Once you have created your passion statement don’t settle for less. If you do, you risk chipping away at your heart. It’s important to work in alliance with your passions to do your most meaningful work and to be your best self.