Moving on From Mistakes

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In our busy, chaotic lives we sometimes forget to pay attention to the lesson in our mistakes. We are inherently reactionary to our to-do lists, family, kids, jobs…life. When we get to the point when we are so overwhelmed, we make mistakes. Our clear-thinking self disappears. Life become autopilot. Living with the aftermath of our past mistakes simply becomes the norm.

Some may think that we have to live and thrive in our mistakes, but I say we are afraid to own up to them, practice change, focus on the present, and become our best self.

We are afraid that…

  • we are out of control of our choices
  • we have to much to do to follow our heart
  • we can’t beat addiction
  • we are stuck in our ‘ways’
  • we can’t be better

This is bologna! Our minds constantly cloud us with negativity and criticism. So much so that we actual believe it.

It’s true. We all have made mistakes, after all we are human. The point is in the lesson in how we react to our mistakes and if we move forward in a positive way.

How to let go and learn from mistakes

Own up to it: You made a mistake. You are in debt. You are addicted. You are not happy with your situation and lifestyle. Well, that was yesterday. Each day we are given the gift of a clean slate. You actually do have a choice in what you do with your life today. Get busy acknowledging what happened and get serious about letting it go and starting over each and every day.

Create a passion statementIt’s so important to know your heart. What are your passions and musts in life. Not what you wish you could be – who are you? Who are you right this instant. You are compassionate, eager, skillful, useful, and beautiful. When you create a passion statement of your priorities you can better hone in and focus on what you want out of life.

Meditate: Sit in quiet with your thoughts hippily. It’s not as wacko as it sounds. Sit still and breathe. You won’t stop your thoughts at first. Just acknowledge them without getting sucked into the drama. See them for what it is. It’s chatter; not truth. Watch them float away into the sky, letting go. Be gentle with yourself. Breathe deeply. Do this until you are finished or until you fall asleep. The more you practice the better it is to control the negative thoughts.

Focus on your heart: This is where I missed the mark so many times. I do things so as to not disappoint people. I totally deplete myself trying to take care of everyone else. There is a time and place for that but it is vital to take care of yourself. Listen to your heart. Are you living the life you are supposed to? Or have you gotten so caught up in the mess that you have forgotten who you are? It’s time to get that happy person back. You and everyone else in your life deserves you. The real you.

Forgive yourself: Let go of the guilt that you are carrying from your mistakes. If it was a harsh word, an angry look, going in debt, feeling like you aren’t measuring up to others…let. it. go. The guilt being carried is as heavy as the mistake itself. Ask for forgiveness. Get a game plan to get out of debt. Focus on you. Do something nice for others. Eat a home cooked meal. Get extra sleep. Change up your routine. You are only human and you have lots to offer. Don’t lose that feeling sorry for yourself, worrying, or feeling guilty.

There are many other ways to move on but take the gentle approach. Take care of yourself for once. Do something fun. Let go. Rest.

I know that I have carried guilt and the feeling of not measuring up for long enough. It is another reason I am on a hippy, carefree, simplified journey. It’s time to be light. It’s time to give back. It’s time to be authentic and celebrate the here in now. Life is way to short.

Create Passion Statements

Clarity, Passion Statements

Mission statements are not just for businesses. Creating a mission statement for yourself is a great way to gain clarity, focus, and help you make easier decisions based on your values and heart. Simply put, it will help you connect with your authentic purpose and the awesomness that comes from fulfilling it. When you can define your core values and beliefs, it will allow you a better guide to make choices that align with your true hippy self.

Let me insert: I prefer to call them passion statements!

For so many years I felt like I had to have a cut and dry outlook and goal plan to be successful. I had to go through the motions and drag myself through the day on autopilot.

Then, I got sick, tired and exhausted. My anxiety attacks were through the roof and I was completely in overwhelm. That’s when I knew things had to change and that I had to start living from my heart.

My passion statements

  • My work must fuel me: It must fuel my brain and body where stress and worry can not get in the way. It must allow me creative energy and enough freedom to live my passions.
  • My work must allow me to help other people: I must be allowed a helpful spirit. I must feel inspired and mentally and physically strong to be my best self.
  • My work must make room for clarity: I must have room for work and then enough space to be me.
  • My work environment must be positive: Negative vibes make a negative hippy and that is no fun.

Passion statements aren’t excuses: they are musts.

We know that life has curve balls and no situation is perfect, but there are just some things that the soul needs that are undeniable. If you deny your soul what it craves, that’s no life at all.

I don’t have it all figured out or a hard set of missions and rules. I gave that up a long time ago. My passion statements are proof that I don’t need all that to be successful. All I need is space, freedom, positive vibes, meditation, and room to breathe to do my most meaningful work.

Once you have created your passion statement don’t settle for less. If you do, you risk chipping away at your heart. It’s important to work in alliance with your passions to do your most meaningful work and to be your best self.